4-Panel 132 – Everything is Game of Thrones

We may be a day late but that doesn’t mean we can’t tackle the comic book world with our usual class. That’s a perfect description of this show, isn’t it?

In the news this week we discover that Ava DuVernay is being lined-up to direct DC’s New Gods movie, after which we have a nice chat about the trailer for Deadpool 2. We also learn that Chris Evans will definitely be leaving after Avengers 4, social network My Anime List is opening an online digital manga store, and two of our favourite manga – Vinland Saga and Hinomaru Zumou – are getting anime adaptations.

Oh, and we also talk about the most nightmarish reboot of Barbarella, but don’t let that concern you too much …

Our featured comics and manga are Briggs Land volume 2: Lone Wolves, volumes 1 and 2 of Yusaku Komiyama and Jim Zub’s Marvel: Zombies Assemble, Michael Chabon’s The Escapist: Amazing Adventures, book 1 of Saverio Tenuta’s Japanese folklore-based epic Izuna, and the first volume of Mitsurou Kubo’s confusingly titled time-tripping manga Again!!

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