4-Panel 133 – The Unfathomable Anatomy of 1990s Comics

You bring the ears, we’ll bring the comics.

It’s been a busy week in comic-book land, so join Rob and Andrew as they find out more about Marvel and SB Projects’ acquisition of half of Aspen Comics, discuss a plethore of DC news (including the end of Dark Nights: Metal, the return of the hall of justice, and what that last bit might herald). There’s more from inhumans-watch which just doesn’t die (or will it? A newly announced comic holds all the clues), and there’s also the return of some Marvel royalty.

Mix all of that with our usual anarchic perspective and we’re in business.

We kick off that part of the show where we usually talk about comics by talking about a movie instead (Go Anarchy!) – as Anders Walter’s adaptation of Joe Kelly and Ken Nimura’s classic graphic novel “I kill Giants” hits the big screen (we covered the comic-book back in episode #105). After that we head back into the lovely, weird and confusing bosom of comic books with the 40th Anniversary hardback edition of Star Wars: A New Hope, the controversial (for its time), Blazing Combat, Thor Vs Hulk: Champions of the Universe, and a new Cloak & Dagger collected trade paperback called Runaways & Reversals.

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