Keyframe 112 – A Shakespearean Bromance

Spring time is upon us which means we’ve been let out to frolic in the fields!

Before that though, there’s the serious business of animation to contend with, and nothing comes more serious than a census. Not the kind that measures population growth, density, divergency, or any of the other things that might be relevant, but an anime “census” …

In other, slightly more important news HiDive have announced that they will release dubcasts within two weeks of an episode’s original broadcast date, and network favourite Vinland Saga is getting an anime adaptation!

After all of that it’s time for Mark to explain why the live-action version of Prison School isn’t actually porn, Tucky to explain why Digimon Adventure tri. Determination (which we’re pretty sure is meaningful in some way, we’re just not sure how), and Producer Rob to takes everyone back to happier times with the Cowboy Bebop movie Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.

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