Literary Loitering 84 – Middle-Class Mutant Hipster Turtles

We’re a man down this week, but the solemn duty of being a cultural anarchist cannot be stopped by a mere superhero movie, no matter how justified the antagonist is.

Two Thanoses (is that the correct plural, or is it like octopus so it would be Thani?), do not make a right.

Kicking things off is the unsurprising (seriously, if you’re still shocked by this where have you been?), news that Grr Martin will not release the Winds of Winter in 2018, but will release another, Westeros-related book – which is actually something we kind-of sort-of already knew …

In other news there’s a lot of legal argy-bargy with To Kill A Mockingbird’s stage adaptation, a judgement on Richard III, Amazon reviews of James Comey’s scandalous tell-all book, and a couple of studies that tell us things we already knew.

After all of that it’s time to kick back and relax with pictures of toy robots and doughnuts (other deserts are there as well), in our featured book Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner.

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