4-Panel 139 – Free Comic Book Day 2018

It’s a special day for comic-book fans. A time when rich and poor alike can enjoy the antics of superheroes and villains together … until the inevitable fight over the last free issue of whatever’s popular at the time.

That’s right. It’s Free Comic-Book Day which means we have a big pile of comics and we’re going to cover ourselves in them and damn the consequences (but maybe leave the shop first before you think of doing that).

With so many titles to get through we’ve had to be selective, so join Andrew, Mick and Producer Rob as they get acquainted and reacquainted with The Tick, Shadowman/X-O Manowar, A Brief History of Tank Girl, Relay, James Bond 007: Varga, Lady Mechanika, Transformers Unicron, Doctor Who, Invasion (featuring Captain Canuck), 2000 A.D. Regened, and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (with a bonus Captain America story).

We haven’t even finished yet, so we’ll be back with more free comics after we manage to dig ourselves out from the pile …

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