Literary Loitering 86 – Captain Swallow: Scourge of All Seamen

We’re a man down this week, but since it’s the most sensible of our three amigos it’s up to Andrew and Producer Rob to offer a half-hearted Amigo Salute before settling down to the serious business of cultural anarchy.

So what do we have in store this time? Well, John le Carré has been pouring all kinds of scorn on British politics while parents are changing children’s stories if they’re deemed “too scary” … whatever that means.

In other news, Grr Martin is apparently doing a lot of stuff, but none of it relates to writing The Winds of Winter, a Tasmanian convict’s daring escape in 1829 is getting retold as a kid’s book about birds, romance novelists are involved in a copyright dispute over the word “cocky”, and the police in Turkmenistan are investigating private and public toilets for evidence that the president’s “portrait” is being used as toilet paper (we did not make that up!).

After all of that it’s time for Andrew to explore the romantic side of things in a collection called The Secret Loves of Geeks (edited by Hope Nicholson).

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