4-Panel 148 – Special Werewolf Chocolate

It’s time for your weekly trip into the confusing and argumentative wonderland of comics and manga, so join Andrew and Producer Rob as they drag the other Rob along for another 4-Panel outing.

So what’s been happening lately? Well, Duncan Jones is planning to dip into the pages of 2000 A.D. to make a Rogue Trooper movie, there’s news about Spider-Man: Far From Home, This week, on our comics and manga podcast, we talk about Duncan Jones planning a Rogue Trooper Movie (2000AD), and some movie discussions about Spider-Man: Far From Home, Aquaman and Shazam, the news that Batwoman getting a TV series, and a truly terrible trailer for the live-action Titans (Teen Titans it most definitely isn’t).

After that we get to the important matter of our featured comics and manga, which this week includes Thanos Wins, volume six of Maybe’s To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts, Ant-Man & The Wasp Prelude, and Doctor Strange: God of Magic.

It’s something of a Donny Cates week … well, maybe just a little.

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