Cinema Eclectica 170 – Paul Rudd Roulette

Cinema Eclectica 170 – Paul Rudd Roulette

After a week’s break the ant-icipation is growing for Graham, Mick and Andrew as they tackle Marvel’s latest superhero offering – “Ant-Man and The Wasp”. Will they make a big deal out of it and add to the positive buzz, belittle it with feeble size and insect puns (like the ones we’re doing right now), or even do both?

After that dramatic opening which is tantamount to a 4-Panel takoever, it’s time for Off the Shelf which sees the gang out on their serious nerd faces for something of a fantasy special. Mick kicks it all off with Paul Verhoven’s typically tasteful “Flesh and Blood”, which Graham follows-up by unearthing a skeleton from Tom Hanks’ closet in the form of “Mazes and Monsters”. After that it’s Andrew’s turn to luxuriates in the Muscovite madness of “The Last Warrior”.

Then they all invent a new flavour of Kit-Kat.

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