Cinema Eclectica 171 – The Legend of Cedric

Even though Graham has been practising his terrible Jason Statham impersonation for an entire week, in the end it’s Mark who gets swallowed up by The Stath’s shark-’em-up “The Meg”. That leaves Rob, Aidan and Graham free to turn their attention to Michael Lehmann’s cult classic “Heathers”, which is back in cinemas for its thirtieth anniversary.

Has it withstood the test of time, or has it accrued some damage?

After that it’s time for a pretty full Off the Shelf that sees Rob investigating Arrow Academy’s new release of “The Third Murder”, which is an uncharacteristic film by one of his favourite directors – Hirokazu Koreeda. Meanwhile, Graham goes joins Frank Sinatra and Leslie Howard in the slammer for The Premium Collection’s triple-format release of “Von Ryan’s Express”, and Aidan initiates our new Devil’s Advocate feature by asking a question that could very well result in fisticuffs – Is David Fincher’s “Fight Club” really any good?

Apologies for the background noise on this week’s episode. Rob’s water tank was kicking out all sorts of noise, but it hopefully won’t stop you from enjoying the show.

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