4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 3 – A Comics and Manga Extravaganza!

Sometimes you can accumulate too many comics, manga and graphic novels, and when that happens then it’s time for a good old-fashioned blowout, so join Andrew, Rob and Producer Rob for a special episode where there’s a little less conversation and a little more action.

So what’s in store on this episode that’s chock-full of graphic literature goodness? There’s *inhales* Tales of Suspense Featuring Hawkeye and The Winter Soldier, Rogue & Gambit: Ring of Fire, Legion: Trauma, the first volume of Akiko Higashimura’s Tokyo Tarareba Girls, Astonishing X-Men: A Man Called X, Jughead: The Hunger, Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers, the first volume of Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy, and IAN: An Electric Monkey by Ralph Meyer and Fabien Vehlmann *exhales*.

That was a lot of comics and manga, so while you wade through this episode we’re off to lie down for a bit. We’ll be back to our normal routine next week when we’ll be talking about the new Spider-Man game.

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