Cinema Eclectica 181 – Drug Smuggling: Tetris Edition

This week it’s “Halloween” (the movie, not the day), and Graham, Aidan and slasher superfan Ryan are assessing the shape of things with David Gordon Green’s new reboot … sequel(?) … thing? Mark is here as well to explain what the new Halloween’s historic opening weekend means for horror movie casting in the future.

Off the Shelf has Aidan going ape, and coincidentally also has Arrow Video’s reissue of Terry Gilliam’s “Twelve Monkeys” to look at, while Graham makes a difficult voyage to get back in touch with his inner lad with Signature Entertainment’s “Gangsta”.

Join us next week for Halloween (the date, not the movie), when we’re returning with Evil Dead (it’s better than Evil Dead 2 – Rob). Yes, it’s confusing, so until then, don’t watch anything we wouldn’t!

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