S15E29 – The Terror That Flaps In The Night

S15E29 – The Terror That Flaps In The Night

The strange alleys and weird streets of science and technology news need strong men to patrol them, but since they all have the day off it’s time for Andrew and Producer Rob to surreptitiously skulk around.

Skulk is such a good word, isn’t it?

Anyway, this week’s discoveries include a new internet by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, easyJet versus Netflix, a newly discovered dinosaur with an amazing name, lessons in food presentation for Instagram, super and psychic powers, the Japanese Ro-Bob the Builder (it has a screwdriver hand!), paying other people to quit your job for you, the rise in scary South Korean “uncles” for hire, very heavy trainers (sneakers for our American friends), and a sequence of bizarre events in Ipswich (and not the usual strangeness either).

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