Cinema Eclectica 187 – An Elvira Approved Podcast

We don’t often get a British film that we can all sink our teeth into here on Cinema Eclectica, so when one finally does appear we tend to subject it to a bit of … erm … mauling. Oh dear.

The target of all this enthusiastic … nuzzling let’s say (it sounds better than mauling!), is Sebastián Lelio’s English language debut film, “Disobedience”.

Oh dear, oh dear …

It’s not all “bad” news though, as we get re-invigorated by “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark” at the midpoint of the show so we have all the power for the home stretch. After that energy boost, Aidan contends with John Schlesinger’s “Yanks” while Mick does his very best to convert all of us to the Church of Ingmar Bergman using the baffling “Serpent’s Egg” (yes, Elvira allowed us to find the innuendo in that one too).

But that isn’t all we have for you this week, as our roving reporter Mark returns to talk about the eighth instalment in the R long-running Rocky franchise … sorry, make that “Creed II”.

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