S16E04 – Shouting At Fake Clouds

Welcome to the whack-some-nails-in-it-and-it-will-hold-up-just-fine podcast of science and technology (otherwise known as The Geek Show).

So what’s been happening in the world? Well, Huawei have decided to take on the U.S. government while researchers find a way to give lab rats and mice “Predator vision”. In other news, France recognises Star Wars fencing as a sport, LEGO starts stockpiling bricks in preparation for Brexit;, a company can allegedly remove your ex-partner from your photos (think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless but with pictures), China debuts yet another A.I. newsreader, a UK start-up has decided to use A.I to judge dog shows In Japan, shyness at a speed-dating event is being combated with tiny, adorable robots In other news, researchers have found has tiny robots speak on behalf of daters and much more.

It’s a weird and wonderful world out there, don’t let the news get you down.

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