S16E11 – Non-Denominational K-Pop Stars

S16E11 – Non-Denominational K-Pop Stars

After a short break between episodes (on account of one of the hosts moving house), The Geek Show returns for our regular, bi-monthly look at the weird and crusty outer layer of science and technology news with a podcasting taste that really shouldn’t be licked.

Like that trailer for Cats. Yikes ….

Anyway, anthropomorphism seems to be the order of the day as a collaboration of international scientists in China claim to have created hybridised monkey-human embryos, while the Japanese Science Ministry is all for the creation of “humanimals” … we won’t get into that particular discussion though.

In other news, McDonald’s new environmentally-friendly paper straws are apparently not recyclable at the moment, Ebay have filed a lawsuit against Amazon for trying to steal sellers, mobile phone company Vivo is touting an all-screen smartphone, a UK data science company has developed a new AI program for bars and pubs, a woman was arrested for making counterfeit money on an inkjet printer, a man in Siberia is suing a psychic firm for failing to bring back his estranged wife, researchers in Japan have created a wearable quasi-prehensile tail for humans, and a Malaysian goat has become gone viral because it looks like a K-Pop star.

There’s lots of fun for all the family on this episode of The Geek Show.

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