A Disappointing Lack Of Antlers – Literary Loitering 108

A Disappointing Lack Of Antlers – Literary Loitering 108

After roaming the cultural wastelands for a while, we’re back with another sack full of scavenged items to poke fun at, and this week it’s a very mixed bag indeed.

So what’s on the cards? Well, there’s the rise of lesbian time-travelling books, Swiss critic Martin Ebel’s corvine-based fantasies, Desert Island Discs, Northern working class licenses, Paul Harrison’s controversial claims, Loch Ness monster conventions, a painting of Donald Trump (complete with bald eagle, a flag that’s fraying at the edges, Planet Earth the same size as his head, and the Statue of Liberty), Barack Obama’s summer reading list, and a quiz about rejection letters received by famous authors.

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