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The Geek Show - S15E28 - MC BoJo's Christmas Rap

S15E28 – MC BoJo’s Christmas Rap

We apologise for the lateness of this episode – EGX happened so please look forward to our coverage of the event. Anyway, Rob joins Producer Rob for another jaunt through the strange hinterlands of science, technology, culture and society where oddities tower like … well

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 7 – Who is Venom?

4-Panel – your friendly, neighbourhood comic-book and manga show – floats into town once more like a … erm … podcast, in the wind. This week the Comics Sage (Andrew), Old Man Comics (Mick), and Producer Rob venture into the confused history of Venom in

Keyframe 127 – The Weird Faces of Matt Gurning

This week Tucky and Producer Rob forego the usual niceties and get right down to business, and leading the animation charge is the surprisingly decent magical girl series Matoi The Sacred Slayer. After that it’s the turn of Disenchantment – Matt Groening’s new Netflix series

The Geek Show - PX34 - What Games Deserve a Reboot, Remake, Remix or Remaster

PX34 – Which Games Deserve a Reboot, Remake, Remix or Remaster?

With all of the remakes, reboots and remasters that are going around in video games these days, it seems like developers and publishers are determined to plumb the depths of gaming history to unearth some long-forgotten treasures. Join Rob, Andy and Producer Rob as, after

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 93 – 2 Little 2 Women

This week Graham and Andrew discover that they may not be the bastions of sanity and elegance that they thought they were as Producer Rob is away, so they now have free reign to take the show in a more studied and genteel direction. Unfortunately

Cinema Eclectica 176 – Turtle or No Turtle

Graham and Aidan are in luck this week with, er, “Lucky” as Film of the Week. As the last lead role for the legendary Harry Dean Stanton, it’s got pathos, humour and a very odd suggestion on what to do with a lollipop. Shane Black

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 5 – Who is Captain Marvel?

While Producer Rob trudges back from the realm of video games in the midlands that he voluntarily got trapped in, it’s up to the Comics Sage (Andrew), and Old Man Comics (Mick), to run the show, so after a discussion about the trailer for Captain