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Cinema Eclectica 171 – The Legend of Cedric

Even though Graham has been practising his terrible Jason Statham impersonation for an entire week, in the end it’s Mark who gets swallowed up by The Stath’s shark-’em-up “The Meg”. That leaves Rob, Aidan and Graham free to turn their attention to Michael Lehmann’s cult

Cinema Eclectica 170 – Paul Rudd Roulette

After a week’s break the ant-icipation is growing for Graham, Mick and Andrew as they tackle Marvel’s latest superhero offering – “Ant-Man and The Wasp”. Will they make a big deal out of it and add to the positive buzz, belittle it with feeble size

Cinema Eclectica 169 – Jeff Goldblum’s Massive Tricycle

So there’s this hotel over in California where you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave – largely because you’re still on the member’s list. This week Aidan, Graham and Rob are booking into Drew Pearce’s “Hotel Artemis” – which

Cinema Eclectica 168 – Grumpy Old Dictators

It’s a three-man show disguised as a two-man show this week as Rob and Graham invite Mark on for an exciting new feature where we take a different look at two of last week’s big releases – “The Incredibles 2” and “Skyscraper”. Before all of

Cinema Eclectica 167 – Sexy Guernica

After some technical problems the Eclectica gang manage to find the right lever switch to send 5,000 volts through their microphones while they maniacally scream “It’s alive!” as they discuss “Mary Shelley”. With Elle Fanning bringing the Frankenstein author to life and Haifaa al-Mansour supplying

Cinema Eclectica 165 – Killed By W.A.S.P.

For a Fuller podcast experience, join Ryan, Graham, and Aidan for Cinema Eclectica’s Samuel Fuller special, where the second half of the show is a deep dive into Indicator’s new box set devoted to the great San Franciscan’s work. Ryan immediately clicks (buddy-cop style), with

Cinema Eclectica 164 – De-Gayed in the Final Draft

This week Ryan, Graham and Aidan must face a terrible horror that they’ve ignored for too long, and is now ready to harvest their souls … But before we talk about James Corden there’s Ari Aster’s hit debut “Hereditary” – which has been compared to

Cinema Eclectica 163 – Chris Pratt’s D.I.Y. S.O.S.

You’ve seen dinosaurs in a theme park, but what happens if they get out? Well, then the film would just be called Jurassic. That quibble aside, J.A. Bayona’s “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” makes some efforts to shake up the franchise – but will it leave

Cinema Eclectica 162 – The Revenant: The James Brown Cut

Silence! It’s a bad idea for podcasts, but as the BFI are reminding us with their re-release of G. W. Pabst’s pre-talkie classic “Pandora’s Box”, it’s a good idea for movies. So how will this icon of silent cinema (and the decades-old inspiration for the