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We can hack cells?

No phone scandals, just biology. So, we can hack cells? Yes, yes we can. Well, we could before but now it is simpler. Our (humans, obviously) bodies are comprised of trillions of cells, computers at a molecular level that adjust and react to the signals they

Could The Curious Case of Benjamin Button be a Reality?

*I hope you’ve all enjoyed the festive period!!* Yup, you read that correctly. I hope you have enjoyed the festive period but also, the title. Ageing is an inevitable consequence of, well, living (cue dark music). Grey hairs, wrinkles, aching joints and the like are things we

Would You Like to Science?

Hello.  Welcome to Would You Like to Science? with me, Ajay. I’m a recent graduate in Genetics and Molecular Biology, with a passion for writing, or rambling. I’m going to be focusing on the scientific world for The Geek Show, as they’ve kindly given me