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Kiss of the Damned

During the director interview on Eureka’s release of Xan Cassavetes’ kiss of the Damned, the director states that titles like Twilight are children’s films and don’t belong to the great tradition of vampires in cinema. Although that wasn’t the influence behind the film, it’s a

Computer Chess

As discovered on the extras of Computer Chess (Masters of Cinema’s latest release), the film was part financed by Kickstarter. Now it might not sound like much but this is a momentous turn in fate, for a long time websites like Kickstarter (and Indiegogo) have

Announcement: We Need Donations & Writers

Anyone who tuned-in to our first show after the Christmas break may remember a double announcement we made at the end of the show. The first was that we are asking musicians and bands to donate songs that we may be able to use as

Soda Shots: Vienna & Lebanon

Life is stranger than fiction and with the DVD release of 2012 documentary The Lebanese Rocket society; no statement could sum a film up more precisely. This is not a scientific programme by the USA, Japan, China, Russia, France or Germany but a tiny country

14 Movies for 2014

Last day of 2013 in review, this time the focus is one those titles in 2014 that are whetting our appetite. Before the meat of this article, it’s only fair to highlight the gap between the USA December release schedule and the UK’s is incredibly

Top 10 Movies of 2013

Our 2013 in Review posts started yesterday looking at the worst films of the year. Today we are moving onto something a bit more positive in the very best 2013 had to offer. There’ll only be a top 10 this year, because when you do

Worst Films of 2013

There can be no good without bad, no darkness without light, and no best of list without a worst of list. This year, instead of picking 10 films and charting them in some sort of league of evil, I’ll be picking 5 titles and the

Wolf Children

Back in the golden age of Anime, the appeal of this formerly niche Japanese art-style broke down all manner of barriers because it actively incorporated global inspirations. Fast forward to the modern-day and its fan base may be bigger than ever, yet the gap between

Big Trouble in Little China

It’s a rare occurrence in the home release review trade when one ponders who a review is actually for. John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China is just such an occasion, in the UK it’s one of the more commonly broadcast movies on terrestrial and