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S09E05 – Doctors

This week we decided to take a look at the role medical doctors play in popular media, so join us as we find out why they’re one of the most versatile characters in movies, how the profession is represented in videogames, and why manga has

S09E04 – Cherricon 2014 Special

Shortly after the wonderful weekend we had at SunnyCon we received an invite to a cosy little charity convention up in Gateshead called Cherricon, so we decided to take a trip there to investigate. What we found was a rather pleasant day out, a great

S09E03 – Reviews ‘n’ Stuff

This week we decided to take a break from our usual proceedings and bring you some concentrated reviews and a few other bits that we found interesting. Reviews – Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets, Entwined (PS4), The Wolf Among Us Episode 5

S09E02 – Information Overload

This week we take a look at the rather staggering number of options we have to keep ourselves entertained. Join us as we take a look at TV with too many choices, quality control in animation, the current videogames boom and more. Reviews – Le

S09E01 – SunnyCon 2014 Special + Extra

Welcome to the 9th series of The Geek Show, and kicking things off here’s our special for SunnyCon 3. We had a great time over the weekend (barring some snoring issues), and we met and interviewed some amazing people including the fabulous J. Michael Tatum,

Competition: Gone Home

THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED. Due to the unforseen technical issues that prevented the live broadcast on Sunday the 13th of June we have decided to extend the competition. The new closing date is now Sunday the 20th of June at 18:30 pm (GMT). This week

S08E24 – E3 2014 Special

The Electronic Entertainment Expo rolls around again, but there was surprisingly little in the way of handbags at dawn between Microsoft and Sony. Meanwhile, Nintendo were off in a corner doing strange, mad things with their presentation. Let us know what you thought of E3 in

Competition: Yu-Gi-Oh!

THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED. As we announced on our special broadcast on Sunday the 29th of June, to celebrate the success of SunnyCon 3 (Sunderland’s third anime and manga convention), we’re giving all of our U.K. listeners a chance to win something very special –

S08E23 – Locked Up

This week we head straight to jail without passing “GO” in order to find out more about prison and imprisonment in a variety of forms (many of which don’t use cells, bars, guards or wardens), and how they are used in entertainment media. Join us as

S08E22 – Adaptations Revisited

There are a lot of adaptations going around these days, and with so many books, comics, movies, animations and other things being converted into a different medium we have to wonder where it’s all going to end. Join us as we head back into the