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S07E18 – You’re Under Arrest

Police procedurals and detective dramas have long been a mainstay of television, but what is it about law enforcement that fascinates people? On this week’s episode we get forensic with CSI, discover what happened to buddy cops, and find out why cops are generally the

The Christmas Competition 2013

It’s Christmas again, and as ever we have a heap of prizes to give away to one lucky winner. This year we decided to go with a more artistic theme so the package includes lots of great prints from some amazing artists we’ve met at

S07E17 – Lost in Space

On this week’ show we decided float around with no direction in a weightless environment. Join us as we investigate the difference between exploration and not knowing where the hell you are, and why getting lost in space always seems to lead to monster and

Heroic Age

Every genre has certain themes that are considered its staples – the building blocks of stories that have been, or are yet to be told. One of the most common elements in science fiction is the Earth being attacked by an alien force with superior

S07E16 – Doki Doki 2013 Special

The Doki Doki Festival in Manchester only happens once every two years, and this year we were invited along to see what all the fuss was about. We met up with some familiar faces and made some new friends while we were there, and a


What does it take to change the status quo? Sometimes it takes one courageous person to take a stand against the “system”, but when it comes to subjective things like entertainment we find that art does not imitate life. Join us as we find out why

S07E14 – Demons and Devils

With Halloween only a few days away we decided to look at something a little different on this episode. Rather than discussing the usual witches, vampires, mummies, boogeymen and other things that go bump in the night we decided to take a look at demons

S07E13 – Who You Gonna Call?

When it comes to the supernatural, humanity has derided, believed, scoffed and been terrified of ghosts in almost equal measure, and with almost no actual evidence to prove or disprove their existence much of what people accept as “the truth” often comes from the entertainment


Continuing our month long look at various aspects of horror and the supernatural, this week we decided to revisit the impending zombie apocalypse. Join us as we  find out what actually counts as a zombie, and we also give a few tips on what to

S07E11 – Body Horror

We decided to do something a little different in the run-up to Halloween this year by looking at a different aspect of horror and the supernatural each week. On this episode we take a wander through the realms of body horror. Reviews – Fate/Stay Night: