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End of an Era – KochiKame to end after 40 years.

Shonen Jumps longest running series Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo (KochiKame) following the antics of local policeman, hobby enthusiast, and all round get rich quick schemer, Kankichi Ryotsu is to end at it’s 200th volume set to be released on September 17th. It’s first volume released

COMPETITION – Wonderlands 2015

Time for another competition, and up for grabs are a collection glorious comics, graphic novels and art books that we picked up during our coverage of Wonderlands 2015 – Sunderland’s graphic novel expo – back in May. One lucky winner who will be chosen at

Meandering Mic: Abby Howard

If by this point you have somehow managed to miss my total love of Strip Search – Penny Arcade’s Webcomic Artist Competition/Reality Show, the first series has finally finished. It’s 31 episodes and many many hours long – and well worth watching! Seriously my favourite

Competition Time! – LitFest Mini Comic Con

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED! The Middlesbrough Literary Festival has been running for some time now, but this year Sarah Dennis, Morbid, and the rest of the good folks at the Central Library have added something new – a mini comic convention! To celebrate the

Meandering Mic: EK Weaver

The LGBTQ Webcomic community has been all a fluster recently over the gorgeously pencilled and dangerously engrossing story of TJ and Amal. And after hungrily reading it through from start to present, I knew I’d end up harassing the author for an interview. The charming

Strip Search Review (ep 1-5)

I have something of a love-hate relationship with themed reality TV shows. I love watching interesting people do cool jobs like tattoo art, fashion design or baking, but I loathe when a potentially engaging show is padded for time with drama and narrators repeating the

Meandering Mic: Kori Michele

Harry meets Kori Michele, creator of the Prince of Cats webcomic – a story of two boys in a conservative area, struggling and fumbling through their feelings for each other. It’s realistic, heartfelt and just really genuine – a great antidote to the sparkly-eyed and

Indie Radar: Nistar

The latest on our “Radar of Awesome” has once again come from the growing crowdsourcing site IndieGogo, and it’s something truely beautiful. Nistar is a 104 page, full colour, graphic novel about a young Doctor who works with children with cancer. The doctor, JJ Barak,

The Editors

Some of you may remember that during our coverage of the delightful Sunnycon we talked to Davy Shirley, creator of the Fera webcomic, about his and dark fiction writer Paul Burr’s upcoming project “The Editors”. “When the world goes into crisis and is too far

Phoenix Wright appears in Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3

“Objection!” “Take that!” “Hold it!” To most people are just random words, but to video game geeks these catchphrases are synonymous with the Phoenix Wright franchise of courtroom drama and detective work. As one would expect from a game of this nature, it’s quite cerebral