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Classic Film Kid: La Cabina (1972)

Hello everyone, the Classic Film Kid here with another review that is likely bewildering you at the moment. This stemmed from having lunch at home and stumbling across a short film that had been uploaded onto YouTube entitled La Cabina (it’s Spanish) from 1972. I

Classic Film Kid: The Shining (1980)

CONTAINS SPOILERS Hi everyone, it’s the Classic Film Kid here with another review, and today, we are stepping back into true classic territory as we are looking at Stanley Kubrick’s thriller/horror The Shining, “adapted” from the book of the same name by Stephen King. Taking

Classic Film Kid: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Series 3)

At a long last, the Baudelaire’s endless misery and suffering has finally come to an end – and it’s absolutely brilliant. Hello everyone, the Classic Film Kid here for another review, and today I will be finishing my reviews of the A Series Of Unfortunate

The Top 10 Mistakes Comics Make

Comics can be a fantastic doorway into another world, they can be a tool for telling compelling visual stories, and they can be a plodding pedestrian mess, of less interest than a documentary about beige paint drying. Once you’ve read a few of these text-laden

Classic Film Kid: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Season 2)

CONTAINS SPOILERS Misery and despair comes knocking for the Baudelaires once again. Oh boy. Hi, wonderful people of the Internet! Today I will be continuing my reviews of the adaptations of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I’ve already discussed the first season of Netflix’s version,

Myrkas of the World Unite: Is Doctor Who Posh? (Part 1)

Once more, Doctor Who fans look forward to a historic event set to change everything about their favourite show. For the first time, the Doctor will have a Yorkshire accent. And also be female, but let’s focus on what matters. Joking aside, Jodie Whittaker’s decision