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Worst Films of 2013

There can be no good without bad, no darkness without light, and no best of list without a worst of list. This year, instead of picking 10 films and charting them in some sort of league of evil, I’ll be picking 5 titles and the

The Perfect Recipe for Halloween

It’s Halloween, so by all reckoning we should put something up to commemorate this most unholy of holidays. So, when in doubt get the lists out. There is a very narrow line that divides the scary and funny. There is no greater example of this

21st Raindance Film Festival: Our Pick of the Bunch

To expand what we cover on the website, we are going to start incorporating something new to make a more vibrant and varied place to visit. From now on we’ll be making the best use of our copious resources to cover the more interesting

Upcoming: Son of Nor

When we interviewed Jeep Barnett, the father of Narbacular Drop & Portal a while back he said that the big killer if indie or student game projects is to implement a million mechanics at once at hamfistedly try to get the player to use all

The Comic Con Survival Guide

The MCM Expo has always been a changing and expanding beast; setting up new events across the UK, bringing in fantastic guests from all over world and this year they take on a new name as the Expo becomes Comic Con. To mark the

Breaking News: PS4 Announced!

As the whole internet theorized, Sony have unleashed upon the world it’s PS4… not the actual console of course, but a series of announcements about what it can do, which is still very interesting. You can watch the whole conference yourself here: [On Gamespot] But

Know your Bonds

A guest infographic to help you know your Bonds, [click here] to see a larger image. Thanks to for this. While Skyfall can’t be taken into account just yet, it’s currently grossed $980,805,000: Thus boosting Daniel Craig above Pierce Brosnan as the 3rd most

2013 Movies Preview

2012 is done and dusted; I looked at the best and the rest of last year. The top 10 films I settled on where as diverse as they were remarkable examples showing just how good the world of cinema is at the moment. Even though

2012 in Review: Top Ten

oday is the final day of my series of 2012 posts reviewing the year in cinema, and today it’s the turn of the year’s top 10 films. Just to re-iterate what I have previously said, 2012 has been a brilliant year for films to the

2012 in Review: Worst movies of the year

It’s one thing picking the best films of the year; it’s an altogether easier task too as I could have easily made a top 50 for 2012. Any claims that this year was a bad one for cinema is entirely unfounded. Even so, that doesn’t mean this year didn’t have its