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Meandering Mic: Desert Bus 5

[Click Link, Hear Interview, Get Pig] In the [Price of Fun] episode you will have noticed a funtastic interview with Graham Stark and Kathleen DeVere (of internet comedy powerhouse LoadingReadyRun) telling everyone to watch Desert Bus for Hope 2011. Now that the madness is over

Meandering Mic: Gavin Dunne – The Miracle of Sound

[The Geek Show Interviews: Gavin Dunne] During our episode [The Price of Fun] you will have noticed an interesting and insightful interview with the very charming Gavin Dunne – a.k.a. The Miracle of Sound from the Escapist, Youtube and Bandcamp. He writes, plays, sings and

#TheGeekShow – Interview with Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental “Ook? Oooh a-aaAAHHH!!” – Geoffry, the Monkey Butler   Here is our Interview with Professor Elemental the steampunk genius behind “Cup of brown joy”, “Fighting Trousers”. We filmed the gentleman rapper, Scientist, Exotic dancer, Tea-enthusiast and creator of things both Hippidy and Hoppidy

Interview: Charlie “issocoollike” McDonnell

I’ve not labelled this one “Meandering Mic” because for once it seems that I stayed on topic… Don’t give me that look, it’s both possible and true -_- FINE! See for yourself: Download our interview with Charlie “Charlieissocoollike” McDonnell, and get a view into the

Meandering Mic: Geof Banyard

Behold – My interview with Geoff Banyard Technically this WAS an MCM Expo interview, but its 30 minutes long and more in with my usual rambliness 😛 Dr. Geoff is the author and artist of the Fetishman series of online comics, and the creator of