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Find Harry @ MCM Expo and WIN!!!

The lovely fellow in the picture is our very own Harry Bentley. He’s at MCM Expo in London this weekend. If you can find him (he won’t be disguised or in cosplay, but he may wear a hat and shave), and say the magic words

#TheGeekShow – Interview with Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental “Ook? Oooh a-aaAAHHH!!” – Geoffry, the Monkey Butler   Here is our Interview with Professor Elemental the steampunk genius behind “Cup of brown joy”, “Fighting Trousers”. We filmed the gentleman rapper, Scientist, Exotic dancer, Tea-enthusiast and creator of things both Hippidy and Hoppidy

Retro Revival – Bringing the Good Times Back

Things from years gone by have been undergoing revamps and facelifts for the past few years; from clothing styles to TV shows and films, things that were old are now ‘new’ and ‘cool’ again. Okay, they’re not always good reboots  (*cough*ClashOfTheTitans*cough*), but they’re being brought

Interview: Charlie “issocoollike” McDonnell

I’ve not labelled this one “Meandering Mic” because for once it seems that I stayed on topic… Don’t give me that look, it’s both possible and true -_- FINE! See for yourself: Download our interview with Charlie “Charlieissocoollike” McDonnell, and get a view into the

Another Happy Winner

 Well, I have some kind of Conan-grade man-flu right now, so I’ll be putting the Geek Roundup late for this week – in the mean time, this is a friend of mine – Monkey Boy. He won 2 signed volumes of Fetishman, 2 CDs (Instrumenti

Meandering Mic: Geof Banyard

Behold – My interview with Geoff Banyard Technically this WAS an MCM Expo interview, but its 30 minutes long and more in with my usual rambliness 😛 Dr. Geoff is the author and artist of the Fetishman series of online comics, and the creator of

Our first photo of a happy winner!

Phil Beverage from Middlesbrough here lived close enough to pop into the station, pick up his prize-pack in person and have a chat. He won: The Complete Gundam SEED Destiny DVD set A signed Instrumenti CD A signed Beckii Cruel photo A Manga Entertainment T-shirt

Back from MCM Expo!

Lookie what we gots for you! Want to win this? – Tune in tonight 6-8pm, 104.5FM in Teesside, and live in the steam  (link in side —>) How ever shall we loose it all? A series of weekly prize giveaways starting tonight? Don’t mind if

Competition Update!

Apparently Rob 1 made the questions too difficult, and a number of people have asked for more time to find the answers, so that’s what we’ve done. Just a reminder, the questions are: 1. In Nodame Cantabile, how does the main character, Noda Megumi (Nodame),