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#TheGeekShow – Interview with Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental “Ook? Oooh a-aaAAHHH!!” – Geoffry, the Monkey Butler   Here is our Interview with Professor Elemental the steampunk genius behind “Cup of brown joy”, “Fighting Trousers”. We filmed the gentleman rapper, Scientist, Exotic dancer, Tea-enthusiast and creator of things both Hippidy and Hoppidy

Retro Revival – Bringing the Good Times Back

Things from years gone by have been undergoing revamps and facelifts for the past few years; from clothing styles to TV shows and films, things that were old are now ‘new’ and ‘cool’ again. Okay, they’re not always good reboots  (*cough*ClashOfTheTitans*cough*), but they’re being brought

Interview: Charlie “issocoollike” McDonnell

I’ve not labelled this one “Meandering Mic” because for once it seems that I stayed on topic… Don’t give me that look, it’s both possible and true -_- FINE! See for yourself: Download our interview with Charlie “Charlieissocoollike” McDonnell, and get a view into the

Another Happy Winner

 Well, I have some kind of Conan-grade man-flu right now, so I’ll be putting the Geek Roundup late for this week – in the mean time, this is a friend of mine – Monkey Boy. He won 2 signed volumes of Fetishman, 2 CDs (Instrumenti

Meandering Mic: Geof Banyard

Behold – My interview with Geoff Banyard Technically this WAS an MCM Expo interview, but its 30 minutes long and more in with my usual rambliness 😛 Dr. Geoff is the author and artist of the Fetishman series of online comics, and the creator of

Our first photo of a happy winner!

Phil Beverage from Middlesbrough here lived close enough to pop into the station, pick up his prize-pack in person and have a chat. He won: The Complete Gundam SEED Destiny DVD set A signed Instrumenti CD A signed Beckii Cruel photo A Manga Entertainment T-shirt

Back from MCM Expo!

Lookie what we gots for you! Want to win this? – Tune in tonight 6-8pm, 104.5FM in Teesside, and live in the steam  (link in side —>) How ever shall we loose it all? A series of weekly prize giveaways starting tonight? Don’t mind if

Competition Update!

Apparently Rob 1 made the questions too difficult, and a number of people have asked for more time to find the answers, so that’s what we’ve done. Just a reminder, the questions are: 1. In Nodame Cantabile, how does the main character, Noda Megumi (Nodame),

Competition Time!

As those of you who listened to the Kitacon special will know, we’re holding a mail-in competition to win ab bundle of Kitacon related goodies. The Questions are: 1. In Nodame Cantabile, how does the main character, Noda Megumi (Nodame), learn French? 2. In Final