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Archaeon’s Anime Awards 2010

Over the last year the anime industry has found itself stuck in the proverbial rut as studios tried, often in vain, to capture audiences with their usual offerings of high schools, romantic comedies, giant robots, power ups and fanservice. Sadly the majority of the shows

Mechanics That Spoil The Experience

A long time ago in a distant land, I was running some dungeons in WoW with some friends, and I got really confused. A friend of mine, a level 80 mage, conjured some strudel to share out (a game standard is that food restores hit

The Best Movies of 2010

I have done the worst of the year already and bad always comes with the good. Certain quarters of the movie reviewing community have been quite negative this year. Some have said that 2010 has only had about 6 essential movies, while I agree that

The Edition: Fast Food

This is part of the web-comic series i’m trying to write: The Edition. I’ve decided to upload this one here for feedback purposes, and your enjoyment, if you like it i may upload more, let me know what you think. It is odd how food

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In Memoriam: Satoshi Kon

[singlepic id=97 w=320 h=240 float=left] [singlepic id=98 w=320 h=240 float=center] On Tuesday, 24th August 2010, the Japanese animation director Satoshi Kon sadly lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Considered one of the most visionary and original minds in any visual media, his work has been