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Under Fire: “the exception to the white saviour row?”

It’s perhaps interesting to watch Under Fire in the week that British charity Comic Relief has announced its plan to cut back on celebrity appeals in the wake of what has become known as the ‘white saviour’ row, promising (rightfully in my view) to “give

Level 16; “how and how not to do low-budget Sci-Fi”

Over the years, low budget movies have changed exponentially. In 2019, independent film makers are getting an awful lot more bang for their buck. Look at 1970s low budget film, for example, as excellent as those genre films could be, some elements of their production

Black Moon Rising: “Carpenter minus the craft”

Troy Howarth in his visual essay, Carpenter’s Craft, talks about how John Carpenter shopped around spec scripts he had wrote in order to start one of the most beloved of all late 20th century runs. One of those was Arrow Video’s Black Moon Rising. That

Pick of the Geek – Delicious in Dungeon

Fantasy meets food porn! Recently we have seen a huge rise in popularity for food related series and I have stumbled upon one which takes the food porn and fuses it with a good old fashioned fantasy adventure in a dungeon. The premise is simple

Pick of the Geek – Re Creators

While the world has eyes on Season 2 of Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia, unfortunately, some great series are managing to slip through the cracks, and wow there are some great ones. Airing exclusively on Amazon Prime (yes, Amazon Prime does have a

Pick of the Geek: Sound! Euphonium

If you had to ask me what one of my favourite series of the past few years has been you would easily find Sound! Euphonium near the top of the list, a series not about epic intergalactic battles or being a sports superstar but instead