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Keyframe 84 – Give ‘Em The Laaaaazy Eye

With Bleach getting a live-action movie, we take a look at the current trend of anime to live-action adaptations. We also discuss the potential bankruptcy of long-running anime studio Artland. Our featured anime are 11 Eyes (Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo), and School

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 71 – Rob and Andrew’s Science Corner

Jane Austen finally arrives on the £10 note so everyone should be happy, right? Well, not quite … In other news, J. K. Rowling’s habit of writing on anything but paper continues, an Argentinean artist uses banned books to build the Parthenon, the Twilight Zone

4-Panel 100 – The New Communism of Manga

While Marvel try to avoid issues of racism with the Black Panther movie and seem to have an inability to count, DC are giving away a comic for free, and have a new candidate to sit in the director’s chair for Suicide Squad 2. Oh,

Cinema Eclectica 123 – Even David Cronenberg Has His Limits

Above all else, Cinema Eclectica wants to heal your soul. Do you have traumatic memories of Watership Down? Ryan’s review of BFI Flipside’s “The Orchard End Murder” might be able to help. Is your home life confusing? It can’t be as confusing as Vittorio De

The Geek Show - S14E23 - Disco Wombles

S14E23 – Disco Wombles

It’s the end of Series 14 so we decided to talk about endings … in a sense. Join us as we meander through Doctor Who, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, comic-book endings (and the lack thereof – especially when killing off characters), video game endings and

The Geek Show - PX23 - Stress Relief for Japanese Salary Men

PX23 – Stress Relief for Japanese Salary Men

Press X returns to talk about more games that we’ve been playing recently, video games publishers and developers that are trading in nostalgia, and the rise and fall and rise of the point-and-click genre. This week we’ve been playing a veritable smorgasbord of games, from

Keyframe 83 – Adamantium and Pineapple Pizza

With Netflix’s new adaptation of Death Note due out soon, we take a look at the trailer before heading to a maid cafe for foreigners and taking a walk down Tokyo’s other anime street. We also have a chat about manga and light novels that

4-Panel 99 – Choc Ice with Gravy

It’s our first trans-continental episode this week as Mick gets magically transported to Dubai. We also have news future Spider-man movies (that isn’t actually news), and some very strange DC crossovers. Our featured comics and manga are Valerian: Ambassador of Shadows, Swordless by Nikki Kidura,

Cinema Eclectica 122 – Cinema du Eric Cartman

You know there’s a new Tom Hardy film out when we bring out our silly voices to celebrate. That would be “Dunkirk” – our Film of the Week – and may we suggest some other movies to go with it? We may. After the recommendations,

The Geek Show - PX22 - Anime and Arms, Anime and Cut Scenes

PX22 – Anime and Arms, Anime and Cut Scenes

We’re a video games podcast aren’t we? Maybe? It depends on the day I guess? This week we have a plateful of anime-themed gaming for your taste buds. First up we have the release of the rarest thing in gaming – a new Nintendo franchise