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The Future Of The Justice League – 4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 49

It’s our 200th episode, but rather than celebrating this milestone of podcasting, Andrew and Rob decided to try and figure out where the DC could take their premier superhero team now that Bat-fleck and Super-Cavill have hung up their capes. Get ready for a barrage

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 108 – A Disappointing Lack Of Antlers

After roaming the cultural wastelands for a while, we’re back with another sack full of scavenged items to poke fun at, and this week it’s a very mixed bag indeed. So what’s on the cards? Well, there’s the rise of lesbian time-travelling books, Swiss critic

Hellboy and Supernatural Pest Control – 4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 48

Hellboy is arguably one of the most recognisable comic-book characters that aren’t part of the Marvel of DC multiverses, and Mike Mignola’s creation has been preventing all manner of occult shenanigans, mystical hijinks and supernatural tomfoolery for twenty five years. Which means it’s a good

The Geek Show - S16E12 - Roomba On Hoover Violence

S16E12 – Roomba On Hoover Violence

The Geek Show returns once again to dip its toes in pop culture, science and technology news, and as usual things take a turn for the weird. The big story this week is the Sony-Marvel divorce – which basically means no more Spider-Man in the

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 47 – The Boys: Spanking Superheroes

It’s every fan of the MCU’s worst nightmare – Sony and Disney-Marvel have split and now Spider-Man has to go live with mummy-Sony. This has led to a lot of wild and worried speculating across the internet, so rather than stick our oar into already

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 107 – Laser Bulge Versus Sexy Voodoo

We kick things off this week with an excerpt from the 1960s sci-fi novel Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinrad, which has a “hero” with a remarkably familiar name … Other discoveries this week include some very off books written by candidate for the nomination

Cinema Eclectica 218 – Angel of the North Has Fallen

The radio’s blasting 60’s pop, Aidan’s smoking Red Apples and Rob’s barefoot for no adequate reason, which means it’s time for a new Quentin Tarantino film. “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” has provoked heated debate about its … well, everything, really. But what’s

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 46 – Semi-Retired Comic-Book Tropes

Comic-book tropes change over time so this week Andrew and Rob decided to cast a nostalgic (and sometimes harshly critical), eye over some of those that have or are falling out of use. From talking in the third-person, the mysterious narrator, thought bubbles, and the

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 45 – Thor: Love And Thunder

SDCC dropped a lot of revelations about Marvel’s Phase 4, and this week we’re focusing on the announcement that Taika Waititi will be directing Thor: Love And Thunder, and that Jane Foster will be wielding Mjolnir. So along with the shocking revelation that George Clooney

Cinema Eclectica 217 – They Saved Hitler’s Bath

It’s been 30 years since Spike Lee unleashed “Do the Right Thing” on cinemas like a bin pitched through a pizzeria window. Now, Aidan and Graham convene to give you the double truth, Ruth, about how it holds up in the modern era. Off the