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Keyframe 130 – Those Goofy Cave People

On this episode of Keyframe, Tucky and Producer Rob attempt to unpick the Academy’s “For Your Consideration” list of animated feature films that are in the running to receive a nomination for an Oscar. Join them as they get wax cynical about the awards, lament

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 13 – Stan Lee Tribute

We lost one of the kings of pop culture, a much beloved creative force, and one of the people who was responsible for making comic books what they are today. He made us believe in characters who were larger than life, but somehow still down

Cinema Eclectica 184 – Examining Neil Young’s Nostrils

A New Duo Emerges! Join Aidan and Sarah as they discuss the latest film from the critically adored Steve McQueen, and what they find is that “Widows” is strangest of all beasts – an accessible film (well, accessible for Steve McQueen anyway as that guy

The Geek Show - S15E30 - Plastic Is Scary And It's Inside Your Bum!

S15E30 – Plastic Is Scary And It’s Inside Your Bum!

How’s that for a title? It’s time for another peep through the keyhole of science and technology news with The Geek Show, and this week Graham joins Producer Rob for some tasty morsels of the weird and strange. Kicking things off is the rather serious

The Geek Show - PX37 - Games Set In The Old West

PX37 – Games Set In The Wild West

Andy, Mark and Producer Rob join forces once again to tackle some of the interesting topics about video games, and with the release of the highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 the gang decide to take a look at the games set in the Old West.

Keyframe 129 – Muffin-Topping Into Mainstream

My Hero Academia has been a huge success as a series, but it’s the remarkable success of the Two Heroes movie that has Tucky and Producer Rob thinking about the changing perception of animated feature films in the West. This naturally leads to an interesting

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 12 – Daredevil Season 3

4-Panel returns for our regularly scheduled weekly chat about comics and manga, so join Andrew (the Comics Sage), Mick (Old Man Comics), and Producer Rob as they discuss the third season of Daredevil from Netflix, along with a side order about the future of the

Cinema Eclectica 183 – Dummy Massacre!

It’s a podcast that has been forty years in the making – which makes it even stranger that we ended up recording it on Bonfire Night! This week the Eclectica gang get together for a chat about the latet Orson Welles’s extremely late-period film “The

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 95 – The House on Harry Hill

Under normal circumstances (or what passes as normal around here), we’d take our rickety wagon of cultural anarchy and meander along until we found some oddity or weirdness that we could talk about, but at certain points in the time someone else kindly does the

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 11 – Halloween ComicFest (FBCD) 2018

Welcome to 4-Panel – the comics and manga podcast where Halloween just keeps on going. Hey, if Christmas advertisements can start on the 1st of November then we can have two Halloween Specials! Anyway, join Andrew (Comics Sage), Mick (Old Man Comics) and Rob (Erstwhile