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2 Sweet Wrestling 44 – Spooky Daga from Daga-Nam

Join Jay and Rob as they discuss the past week in wrestling featuring Lucha Underground, NXT and Extreme Rules. Highlights include a defence of Roman Reigns, a case for a lifetime claim for idiot of the week and an appreciation for the top heel’s working

2 Sweet Wrestling 43 – Colt Ma-Tan-Za!

It’s been a big week for the Bullet Club and a certain masked monster. Join Jay and Rob as they dive into the latest events from the world of wrestling including Ring of Honor’s War of the World’s, NXT and Lucha Underground. Highlights include the

2 Sweet Wrestling 42 – Kevin Owens Appreciation Hour

Join Jay and Rob as they meander through the week’s events in wrestling, and along the way they happen upon the best WWE PPV of the year. With matches both predictably and unpredictably awesome, and the establishment of the grand tower of wrestling idiocy there’s

2 Sweet Wrestling 41 – Big Banter Breakout

Join Jay and Rob as they peruse the past week in Wrestling. Our featured shows are RAW, NXT, and the last few weeks of Lucha Underground. Other highlights include the breakout of one of NXT’s most divisive stars, questions over a potential WWE-style Bullet Club

2 Sweet Wrestling 40 – Ospreay not Fists

Join Jay and Rob for the week’s events in professional wrestling. This week we return to the 5 points of RAW – which was remarkably easy with one of the coolest debuts in a year of cool debuts, and our steady old NXT leads us

2 Sweet Wrestling 39 – Happy Birthday to Us!!

We did Episode 1 back on Wrestlemania 31, and now we’re celebrating our 1st Birthday! Jay and Rob receive one hell of a birthday present in with NXT’s best Takeover to date. We also run down Wrestlemania 32 and the first RAW after that. Big

2 Sweet Wrestling 38 – Return of the Jefe

Join Jay and Rob as they take a plunge in to the week of wrestling and its build up to the biggest week of the year. We dive in to RAW, NXT and Lucha Underground’s second “Aztec Warfare”. We also take a look at the

2 Sweet Wrestling 37 – Beware of the Toilet Dragon

Join Jay and Rob as they jump into the world of professional wrestling. This week we cover NXT, Lucha Underground and WWE Roadblock. We also behave like spoiled children over the most surprising booking in recent NXT history, question why Drago spends all of his

2 Sweet Wrestling 36 – The A-Z of Wrestling Sheds

Join Jay and Rob as they delve in to the past seven days of professional wrestling. This week sees the return of the ‘5 points of RAW’ before heading to the constants of NXT and Lucha Underground. We also discuss the potential booking of Shane

2 Sweet Wrestling 35 – Neon Motocross Nightmare

Join Jay and Rob as they discuss the week’s events in wrestling featuring some of the big stories like the impact of Daniel Bryan’s retirement. Aside from that it’s business as usual as the guys get into the nitty-gritty of screwy finishes in NXT and