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4-Panel 54 – The Super A-Team

Apparently there’s not much going on in the world of comics aside from Josh Boon posting a potential character line-up for the New Mutants film and The Inhumans movie being put into development hell. Also, Wal-mart are launching a line of Wonder Woman cosmetics …

4-Panel 53 – Androgynous Quasar

The big news this week is that Fox have pulled out of Comic-Con over fears of piracy. Meanwhile Marvel have announced that everyone’s “favourite” superhero will be returning and we take a look at the final trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse. Our featured comics and manga

4-Panel 52 – Gyrating Dr. Strange

So the Doctor Strange trailer came out. Cue the internet furore. In other news, Ben Affleck will direct and star in his own Batman film, Brian Michael Bendis announces a new Jessica Jones series and Japanese readers pick Shonen Jump’s “most erotic manga”. Our featured

4-Panel 50 – Play That Funky Music

After the poor reception of Batman Versus Superman it looks like Suicide Squad will be going through quite a lot of reshoots. In other news, Marvel have released teasers for upcoming events and DC team up with Random House to produce a series of young

4-Panel 49 – Kevin Sorbo: Film Critic

So Batman Versus Superman opened to almost universal boos, but don’t lose hope as Lego Batman will save us all! In other news, Marvel cancel more titles, Robbie Rodriguez will retire after “Gwenom” and Kozue Amano’s “Amanchu” will be adapted for anime. Our featured comics

4-Panel Episode 48 – Captain America’s Chicken Noises

We’re back to once more peruse the exhibits in the hallowed halls of sequential art including the world’s “oldest” comic-book, a Nigerian start-up’s ethnic origin superheroes and the worst Captain America and Iron Man storylines. Our featured comics and manga are Identity Crisis, Inuyashiki volume

4-Panel 46 – Call In The Masseuse!

It’s a pretty Spartan week in the news with the announcement of a sequel movie to Suicide Squad, an animated TV series follow-up to Big Hero 6 and a new comic-book series for Marvel’s Loki, so we used our spare time to relax and lounge

4-Panel Episode 45 – The Faeces Sandwich Of Comics

In a week where Deadpool in a strait-jacket and boxer shorts is strewn across a highway in Ohio, the strangest things to happen are DC’s plans for “Rebirth”. We also caught the trailer for season 2 of Daredevil, and other stuff happened as well. Our