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4-Panel 34 – The Ten Commandments of Hulk

Hulk Smash. Good. Hulk Not Smash. Puny. HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS!!!! See Commandment 1 etc … Welcome back for another episode in the realms with sound effects like “FWOMP!” and “KRAKATHOOOOM!”. This week we discuss the release of the previously-banned “Cursed Earth” storyline from

4-Panel 33 – King of the Bruces

We return to the realms of sequential art to discuss the worst X-Man ever, Garth Ennis’ new series “Johnny Red”, Gorilla Grod, Killer Frost and the new Firestorm in The Flash TV series, a new comic in development called “Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises” and

4-Panel 32 – Deadpool’s Silky Fairyland Adventure

We kick of this week’s episode with news about the new Spider Women crossover series, Howard the Duck and Squirrel Girl in their own comic together, the TV adaptations of Marvel’s Legion and Hellfire Club, and Vertigo’s Y: The Last Man, the possibility of a

4-Panel 31 – Cowboy Batman and Robot Robin

On this episode we discuss Zack Snyder’s talks with HBO about “The Watchmen” TV series, frozen subtitles on a U.S. screening of the live-action “Attack on Titan” movie, Mark Millar’s world-wide talent search, the fantasy-themed spinoff manga of “Assassination Classroom”, and “Damage Control” – Marvel’s

4-Panel 30 – Happy Batman Day!

This week we use our detective skills to find out more about Batman Day – DC’s new annual celebration of all things related to the Dark Knight. In other news, Marvel announce their post-Secret Wars titles (including Black Panther, Mockingbird, Silver Surfer, Moon Knight, The

4-Panel 29 – Old Man Astroboy

This week Warner Bros. announce a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie, Scholastic decide to publish DC’s Secret Hero Society, Marvel give Mary Jane Watson an “unexpected” role in Iron Man, Batman fights institutionalised racism and manga series March Comes Like A Lion will be adapted for

4-Panel 28 – Now I Have A Blunderbuss. Ho! Ho! Ho!

We kick off this episode with all sorts of television-based DC news, Marvel announce a special series of Gwenpool, the Kickstarter campaign to publish 4000 copies of Barefoot Gen for schools meets its target, and the British Museum announce a series of manga talks. Our

4-Panel 27 – Beat Thanos With Zappy Dubstep

4-Panel returns to deliver your weekly dose of comics, manga and graphic novels. This week’s news includes supervillains quoting politicians, more cast members for the Doctor Strange movie, NHK’s behind-the-scenes manga documentary series featuring Naoki Uresawa, and all sorts of other stuff. Our featured comics

4-Panel 26 – Babysitting Galactus

This week we discuss Marvel’s variant covers featuring cosplayers, the possibility that George Miller could direct Man of Steel 2, a sequel to the manga series Fruits Basket, Batman-themed burgers and more. Our featured comics and manga are Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches volume 2,

4-Panel 25 – A Batman By Any Other Name

This week we take a look at the newly released pictures of Jay Garrick – the latest addition to the upcoming second season of The Flash, John Constantine appearing in the Arrow TV series, Marvel’s “ressurection” of Devil Dinosaur and a whole lot of tangents.