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4-Panel 27 – Beat Thanos With Zappy Dubstep

4-Panel returns to deliver your weekly dose of comics, manga and graphic novels. This week’s news includes supervillains quoting politicians, more cast members for the Doctor Strange movie, NHK’s behind-the-scenes manga documentary series featuring Naoki Uresawa, and all sorts of other stuff. Our featured comics

4-Panel 26 – Babysitting Galactus

This week we discuss Marvel’s variant covers featuring cosplayers, the possibility that George Miller could direct Man of Steel 2, a sequel to the manga series Fruits Basket, Batman-themed burgers and more. Our featured comics and manga are Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches volume 2,

4-Panel 25 – A Batman By Any Other Name

This week we take a look at the newly released pictures of Jay Garrick – the latest addition to the upcoming second season of The Flash, John Constantine appearing in the Arrow TV series, Marvel’s “ressurection” of Devil Dinosaur and a whole lot of tangents.

4-Panel 24 – Marvel’s Sugar Daddy

With the poor reception of the new Fantastic Four movie we kick things off this week with director Josh Trank’s comments about the film he made, Fox’s desire for an X-Men TV series, a new Baccano! manga series and more. Our featured comics and manga

4-Panel 23 – Animoos and Mangos

We kick things off this week with news about Marvel’s “resurrection” of Hercules and The Black Knight – both of whom are getting their own series., Batman teaming up with Deadshot, the start of the UK’s Manga Jiman competition and more. Our featured comics and

4-Panel 22 – Green Lanterns Should Be 5 Years-Old

On this week’s show we discuss the new superhero comedy move Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, the Wynonna Earp TV series, the possibility of an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover movie and more. Our featured comics and manga are Spiderman and the X-Men, X-Statix, Hail Hydra, Suicide

4-Panel 21 – Would Anyone Like Seconds?

This week we discuss the news, trailers and announcments from San Diego Comic-Con – which leads to a heated debate about Joker psychology before we take a look at the all-new, all-different titles coming from Marvel after Secret Wars. Our featured comics and manga this

4-Panel 20 – Capwolf Rides Again!

The legendary boxes of old comics finally make their appearance, causing Andrew to immediately construct the building of his dreams – a fort made of comics – and in the process he unearths some interesting stuff. This week the gang discuss Wonder Woman’s new costume,

4-Panel 19 – We Need More Matlock!

Awful puns and bad impressions of Ringo Starr abound this week as we kick off with news about  Jeff Loeb’s long-awaited Captain America: White series, the casting of Baron Mordo in the Doctor Strange movie, Archie’s upcoming reboot, One Piece breaking more world records and

4-Panel 18 – Luke Cage + Cat Ears ≠ Black Panther

We kick off this week’s show with the announcment of an all-new, all-different Marvel comic universe – which means were tangenting hard right from the beginning. We also discuss the “death” of the Constantine TV series, the “Hellboy” dinosaur, and the release of the OnePunch