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Cinema Eclectica 73 – Well-made but Nauseating…

“Well-made but nauseating”. Is that about Shakespeare adaptations or us? We kick off with a long-awaited minority report for Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s “Cemetery of Splendor” before diving into business as usual – or near enough. Off The Shelf features Koreeda Hirokazu’s “Our Little Sister”, Richard Loncraine’s

Cinema Eclectica 72 – Nice to Eat you to Eat you Nice

Weird revelations aplenty on this week’s show. In Off The Shelf we look at Frankenheimer’s subversive classic “Seconds”, forgotten early Altman in “The Cold Day in the Park”, Alan Clarke’s dense folk minefield “Penda’s Fen”, and “99 Homes” – a film that was lost under

Cinema Eclectica 71 – Werner Herzog: King of the Internet

This week it’s official, Werner Herzog is the king of the internet. In Off The Shelf we look at Michael Mann’s “Thief”, 1976 horror “The Premonition”, Peter Watkins’ docu-drama “Edvard Munch” and Cristi Puiu’s debut “Stuff and Dough”. Our feature film is Shane Black’s comedy

Cinema Eclectica 70 – De Niro Slalom Skier

This week that skiing gag takes on a whole new complexion. In Off the Shelf we hear things that we never thought we would – some brilliant and others horrifying. We start off the with sole normal duck of “Flame & Citron” before going full

Cinema Eclectica 69 – Musical Special

We’ve talked about it for it a long time and now it’s here – our musical special – but true to classic Eclectica form this isn’t like other musical specials. After a brief discussion of “A Hologram for the King” we dedicate the whole show

Cinema Eclectica 68 – Carry On Punk Rocking

There’s a Carry On with all this Punk Rock. In Off The Shelf we look at Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s “Journey to the Shore”, the gothic horror “Whistle and I’ll Come to You”, the powerful Glenn Campbell documentary “I’ll Be Me” and the forgotten 1980’s horror “Malatesta’s

Cinema Eclectica 67 – Richard Briers’ Tickling Adventure

This week the director randomizer gets its first ever outing, and the winner is – Dario Argento! With a smaller cast than usual we set our sails to classic era Hollywood with a small detour to a post-apocalyptic British countryside. Off The Shelf this week

Cinema Eclectica 66 – The Biscuits for Movies Initiative

Everything can be justified if you’re rewarded with biscuits. Off The Shelf features the new (and classic), Takashi Miike film “Yakuza Apocalypse”, Akira Kurosawa’s Japanese Shakesperean epic “Ran”, and “Innocence of Memories” – an essay film from Grant Gee. We also have a minority report

Cinema Eclectica 65 – The Internet has no Doghands

This week we absolutely refuse any second hand gags. Bad, Producer Rob. In Off The Shelf we have all the best stuff from the 1980s – ridiculous action with “The Zero Boys” and crazy, gory practical effects in “Bride of Re-Animator”. We also have the

Cinema Eclectica 64 – Criterion Collection Special

A special of a very different kind this week as we celebrate the UK debut of the Criterion Collection. We have news, question of the week and a trailer of the week before Off The Shelf becomes decidedly Criterion flavoured with “Tootsie”, “The Tragedy of