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Cinema Eclectica 49 – A Joyous Return (2015 in Review)

… We’re Back. Its our first show of 2016, which means this is officially our first anniversary. In this feature-length edition we look at the worst of the past 12 months (well, we ranted and raved). More importantly we also count down our individual favourites

Cinema Eclectica 48 – A Very Merry Second Run Special

We don’t do podcasts like other children, and the same is true of our Christmas special. On this last episode of 2015 we look at a few of the recent releases from Second Run with “Loves of a Blonde”, “Larks on a String” and the

Cinema Eclectica 47 – Adam West’s Space Monkey

This week Rob gets bamboozled by the 1960s. It’s a full-house in Off the Shelf as Ryan completes his Clive Barker odyssey wth “Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth”, Aidan goes western with the classic “Shane”, Rob heads into the void that is “Robinson Crusoe on

Cinema Eclectica 46 – Pete Best of the Apocalypse

This week we go full fan-theory. Brave waters indeed. In Off the Shelf we have a body-horror masterclass with David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome”, Jules Dassin’s “Thieves Highway” – the film-noir that’s totally not a western, Wong Kar Wai’s “The Grandmaster” and a surprise aided the randomizer,

Cinema Eclectica 45 – Gasper No Way!

This week we catch up with the latest episode of Hollywood’s constant efforts to outdo itself in the crap stakes. As ever, Off the Shelf is a mixed bag with our continuing eaxmination of Arrow’s recent box set with “Hellbound: Hellraiser 2” and Second Run’s

Cinema Eclectica 44 – Hell Comes To Brooklyn

This week we realise that not all advertising is evil – some of it is quite hilarious. Off the Shelf is an almighty round of opposites with Rob and Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashomon”, Ryan with the 1980’s horror classic “Hellraiser”, Aidan with “A Letter to Three

Cinema Eclectica 42 – A Slightly Messed-Up Italian H-H-H-Halloween

This week the news devolves into Rob making noises. Off the Shelf is a Halloween-themed affair as we go all-Italian with Dario Argento’s “Phenomena”, Mario Bava’s “Black Sunday” and a notorious double-bill of “Zombie Flesh Eaters” and “Cannibal Holocaust”. Our Film of the Week is

Cinema Eclectica 41 – Radioactive Baby Bruce (Willis)

This week we turn something hideous into a shaven-headed beauty. Off the Shelf is predictably unpredictable with the African chase film “The Naked Prey”, Tobe Hooper’s big crocodile feature “Eaten Alive”, and the long-lost silent movie “A Daughter of Destiny”. Our Film of the Week

Cinema Eclectica 40 – Tsukamoto, The Messed Up Sweetheart

Gremlin shenanigans be damned! No-one can slow the good ship Eclectica. It’s the big 4-0, and we have an Amicus/Hammer double with “The Skull” and “The Man Who Could Cheat Death”, the latest installment in our ongoing effort to cover Shinya Tsukamoto’s filmography with “Snake