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Cinema Eclectica 205 – The Beast of Estonian Craggy Island

Three misfits alone in the dark empty vastness of a cinema showing a Claire Denis movie, Aidan, Sarah and Graham gather to review the French maverick’s latest epic voyage, “High Life”. We realise it may sound tempting, but do not allow Juliette Binoche to show

Cinema Eclectica 204 – The ADR Doggies Bite Back

Liberated from Hull, Graham settles in with Rob for a preview of perhaps the strangest sports movie ever made – Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt’s “Diamantino”, with its gene-tampering weirdness, lesbian drone pilots and floof bois. It’s not the last dog cameo on the show,

Cinema Eclectica 203 – What Fresh Hull Is This!?

Graham’s stuck in the quantum realm, so it falls to Rob and Mick to travel way back in time through the many years they spent watching all of the movies leading up to “Avengers: Endgame”. It’s already made more money than there is in the

Cinema Eclectica 202 – Surprise Johnson Insertion

This week Mick and Graham go to “Hellboy” and back (which is pretty easy given that the cinema is just a short walk away), to report on Neil Marshall’s euphemistically-described troubled production. Is it as bad as the internet’s made out, or do they want

Cinema Eclectica 201 – The Cult of Kim Newman’s Left Hand

While getting the maximum possible out of the name ‘Hermann Kermit Warm’, Tim and Graham head out West for a review of Jacques Audiard’s English-language debut “The Sisters Brothers”, and revive an old Eclectica staple with Question of the Week. While they were watching Joaquin

Cinema Eclectica 200 – Tiny Jack Nicholson In My Pocket

Things have been pretty harmonious in Eclecticaville for … blimey … 200 episodes! Now that we’ve reached such a landmark, we thought it might be nice to risk a ruck for this special edition, and have the team cover each other’s favourite movies, First up,

Cinema Eclectica 198 – Stoner’s Guide to Super-Vacuity

A series of inscrutable clues leads Ryan, Graham, Sarah and Aidan to “Under the Silver Lake”, a film that makes you suspect David Robert Mitchell was definitely one of those kids who played with secret decoder rings as a child. Prepare for disagreements. Off the

Cinema Eclectica 196 – Bathtime for Udo

Last week Rob and Graham received a mystery phone call asking them to review Hideo Nakata’s “Ring”. They’re not dead yet, and although the news that this is a twentieth anniversary reissue is making them feel incredibly old they still have to find out if