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Cinema Eclectica 191 – Deep Purple’s Oscar Beef

Burnt-out, scrappy-haired and squinting through an agonising hangover – but that’s enough about Graham and Aidan as they’ve got to discuss Nicole Kidman’s transformative turn in Karyn Kusama’s grittier-than-thou cop thriller “Destroyer”. Does it pack the same tooth-loosening impact as the butt of Kidman’s gun?

Cinema Eclectica 190 – Silent Power, Noisy Door

He’s been to Director’s Jail, served his Director’s Probation, and is now worryingly close to being a repeat offender (according to Mick, Graham and Aidan that is). It’s M. Night Shyamalan, whose trilogy-capper “Glass” is put under the magnifying lens as our Film of the

Cinema Eclectica 189 – New Queen, Who Dis?

Eclectica is back in 2019 for an Oscar season like no other. There’s a film about a famous author and one about a British monarch, but this time the more literary of the two sees Keira Knightley putting the bi in biopic for our film

Cinema Eclectica 188 – Christmas Special 2018

The fire is lit, the mulled wine has been dished out and the word of the week is ‘picaresque’. It’s an Eclectica Christmas party alright, with Aidan, Sarah, Rob and Graham falling hard for Boots Riley’s debut “Sorry to Bother You”. Granted that’s not very

Cinema Eclectica 187 – An Elvira Approved Podcast

We don’t often get a British film that we can all sink our teeth into here on Cinema Eclectica, so when one finally does appear we tend to subject it to a bit of … erm … mauling. Oh dear. The target of all this

Cinema Eclectica 186 – Justified Wrongness On The Internet

We’ve got everything from Jules Verne to Ava DuVernay this week, and Tim, Rob and Graham kick off an unusually packed show with a look at the Selma director’s early film “Middle of Nowhere”. After that it’s Off the Shelf, which is a veritable treasure