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Cinema Eclectica 162 – The Revenant: The James Brown Cut

Silence! It’s a bad idea for podcasts, but as the BFI are reminding us with their re-release of G. W. Pabst’s pre-talkie classic “Pandora’s Box”, it’s a good idea for movies. So how will this icon of silent cinema (and the decades-old inspiration for the

Cinema Eclectica 161 – Vera Drake in 4DX

In a week that includes a new Star Wars film then that’s what you have to do, which is why we can’t ignore the release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Unfortunately Graham, Aidan and Sarah are all at very different levels of the Star

Cinema Eclectica 160 – Smurf Bloody Smurf

This week we review “Deadpool 2”, and it’s … err … we don’t know actually as that brotherhood of evil comic-book and manga fans called 4-Panel take over the airwaves in a fourth-wall-breaking stunt worthy of the mutated scamp himself. So does it live up

Cinema Eclectica 159 – When The Dancing Stops … Leave

Our latest Film of the Week, José Padilha’s “Entebbe”, is a tale of crisis, violence, revolution, and the old order breaking down – which is probably why we start off by accidentally junking the running order. Eventually (and with far more discussion of interpretive dance

Cinema Eclectica 158 – The Best 1980s Sci-Fi Junk Never

Sandwiching two slices of groundbreaking queer cinema in between the bread of gritty revenge drama, this week’s show truly has something for everyone. Maybe he’s just able to relate to the parched atmosphere, but Graham is very taken with Warwick Thornton’s outback western “Sweet Country”,

Cinema Eclectica 156 – Existentialism and Pizza, Dude

This week we’re covering films that, in one way or another, deliver on what their titles promise. “A Fistful of Dollars” really was made for about as much money as its name suggests, while “Neon Bull” really does feature a neon bull, and “The Passenger”

Cinema Eclectica 155 – The Hills Have Ears

This week’s Off the Shelf sees the films themselves teaching the hosts a thing or two. Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s paranormal horror “Ghost Stories” turns the sceptical Graham into a true believer, while Aidan finds Criterion’s reissue of “La Cage aux Folles” something of

Cinema Eclectica 154 – All Dogs Gere to Heaven

Somewhere in the British archipelago, no years into the future (but some time in the year 2018 for those of you who are actually in the future). Four strays gather to discuss Wes Anderson’s new and strange stop-motion animated movie “Isle of Dogs” – a

Cinema Eclectica 153 – Oprah: Floating Benevolent Space God

This week’s show tackles faith, the nature of reality and how to pronounce director’s names – all areas that we’re pretty confident we’ll have sorted out by the time we finish our review of Ava DuVernay’s “A Wrinkle in Time” where we find out if