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Cinema Eclectica 139 – Bright Eyes, Burning like Dracula

Cinema Eclectica is a movie podcast that cares, and this week we care a lot about Christopher Lee’s eyes in “Scars of Dracula”. Do they sting? They look really sore. That’s half of Off the Shelf done, but smashing into it like a telekinetically thrown

Cinema Eclectica 137 – Tinky-Winky, LaLa, Dipsy & Edgar Allan Po

An uncharacteristic happiness and contentment falls on the show this week as Aidan, Graham and Rob discuss “Paddington 2”. Before that though, there are all the regular features – including Off the Shelf where Graham tackles Second Run’s release of Otakar Vávra’s historical nightmare “Witchhammer”,

Cinema Eclectica 136 – Seriously, Don’t Go into the Basement

We’ve gathered the suspects (Ryan, Rob and Graham), in one room and it’s now time to review “Murder on the Orient Express”. Before that though, Ryan tackles the tangled web of intrigue that is Warner Home Archive’s triple-format release of “New Jack City”, Rob watches

Cinema Eclectica 135 – A Tale of Two Hammers

A chill fog rises in the air, an unearthly howl is heard across the moors, and Rob’s wi-fi packs up. Yes, it’s our Halloween special, and after a brief stopover in Hammer territory with Indicator’s reissue of “Maniac” (also known as “The Maniac”), we remember

Cinema Eclectica 134 – Life … Don’t Talk to Me About Life

A spectre is haunting the land – the spectre of major releases from earlier in the year that we didn’t cover at the time. On our latest B-sides episode Graham gives the royal treatment to Stephen Frears’s “Victoria and Abdul”, Aidan is suitably haunted by

Cinema Eclectica 133 – The Unveiling of Little Frank

It’s carnage this week. Complete lawless misrule. What could have caused this? Was it the orange skies? The smooth jazz playing in the background? The release of a new Michael Fassbender film? It’s the latter, obviously, as Film of the Week “The Snowman” gets Ryan,

Cinema Eclectica 131 – Some of My Best Friends are Baguettes!

This week we ask the question, how French can a cannibal movie be? Fortunately we have Rob’s big bag of national stereotypes to help us work this out, and it’s equally fortuitous that Graham has Indicator’s reissue of Arthur Penn’s star-studded crime thriller “The Chase”,