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Cinema Eclectica 181 – Drug Smuggling: Tetris Edition

This week it’s “Halloween” (the movie, not the day), and Graham, Aidan and slasher superfan Ryan are assessing the shape of things with David Gordon Green’s new reboot … sequel(?) … thing? Mark is here as well to explain what the new Halloween’s historic opening

Cinema Eclectica 180 – Stan Lee is Fozzie Bear

Two mysterious drifters converge on a lonely podcast to cover “Bad Times At The El Royale”. Drew Goddard’s follow-up to “The Cabin in the Woods” has an enviable cast, but can it escape from under the big-chinned shadow of Tarantino? This week’s Off the Shelf

Cinema Eclectica 179 – When Life Gives you Razor Blades

It’s time for another superhero(?), which means that our usual gang have been waylaid (again), and 4-Panel have stealthily taken over. Together this grizzled, rag-tag and hard-hitting team take on the might of “Venom”, and like all the washed-up journalists in the Last Chance Saloon

Cinema Eclectica 176 – Turtle or No Turtle

Graham and Aidan are in luck this week with, er, “Lucky” as Film of the Week. As the last lead role for the legendary Harry Dean Stanton, it’s got pathos, humour and a very odd suggestion on what to do with a lollipop. Shane Black

Cinema Eclectica 175 – Marvin Gaye’s Frankenstein

All the leaves aren’t quite brown yet, but the sky is definitely grey so it’s the season for Aidan, Graham and Tim to revisit Wong Kar-Wai’s international breakthrough hit “Chungking Express”. Revitalising his career after the arduous shoot of “Ashes of Time”, it’s still one

Cinema Eclectica 174 – Drunken Sake Shenanigans

On this episode our Film of the Week is the hotly-tipped adaptation of a cult British novel about gangland youth, and although Graham is on hand to nurse Mick through his “Absolute Beginners” flashbacks, Idris Elba’s directorial debut “Yardie” is a very different proposition. Bonus

Cinema Eclectica 173 – “On the Bigotry Hotline”

Graham and Sarah are in high spirits this week, which is good because the world’s home entertainment companies trying to bring everyone down. While Sarah tackles grooming in Eureka Video’s “Allure” and the destruction of the countryside in the BFI’s none-more-BFI documentary “Arcadia”, Graham seems