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Cinema Eclectica 106 – Oh, Oh, Dean Israelite

We’re back with a new platform and some very old features including the long-awaited return of Director’s Lottery (this times it’s Otto Preminger’s “Anatomy of a Murder”), and a new set of B-sides. Join us as we dive into Viola Davis’ Oscar-winning performance in “Fences”,

Cinema Eclectica 104 – Four Minutes in Bollywood

This week we treat ourselves to a relaxing spa weekend and say hello to Jason Isaacs with our film of the week. Before that, we check out psychedelic Czech vampire coming-of-age drama (it’s a genre), “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders”, and roll a six-sided

Cinema Eclectica 103 – Footloose by the Sea

There are an awful lot of people plying their trade in film land – some of whom are real, and not made up at all. This week we negotiate that minefield with film-noir classic “Mildred Pierce”, Cuban new-wavisms with “Memories of Underdevelopment”, and history picked

Cinema Eclectica 102 – Batsploitation

This week we’ve shrunk to a threesome and decide to offset the cream of the BAFTAs crop with some 1970s exploitation. First it’s the turn of Roger Corman and Vincent Price with “Tower of London” before we transition into a hundred super-colourful costume changes with

Cinema Eclectica 101 – Run Gunners and Misused Colons

After the party of episode 100 comes the hangover as Ryan, Tim, Aidan and Graham head to Room 101 for the worst cinema has to offer. From misbegotten video game adaptations (are there any other kind?), with “Hitman” and dubious documentaries with “Expelled: No Intelligence

Cinema Eclectica 100 – Ruth Negga’s Eyebrow Game

100 episodes! It’s been quite the ride. Join us for our centenary episode as we ignore convention and recommend each other something in the spirit of the festivities. We have a controversial Question of the Week followed by our featured films – “Castaway on the

Cinema Eclectica 99 – The Pinnacle of Mount Woody

We’ve never been accused of being political, but this week we had no choice in the matter. Join us as we talk movie presidents and Pablo Larrain’s American debut “Jackie”, followed by a big old chat about Woody Allen featuring “Zelig”, “Stardust Memories”, and a

Cinema Eclectica Episode 97 – A Very Special Star Wars Christmas

Christmas is a-coming, and here we are with our annual special episode! We take this opportunity to look a selection of films set around the 25th December (or thereabouts), but with a slightly skewed take on the festive season including “Blast of Silence”, “Krampus”, “Three