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Cinema Eclectica 125 – Pinocchio Must Seek Therapy

It’s a battle of the bands in Off the Shelf this week, with “The Slayer” going up against “Clash”. Will the former reign in blood, or will Mohammad Diab’s tale of young Egyptians fighting the law and the law winning do an, er … …

Cinema Eclectica 124 – Valerian’s Geordie Space Market

We get a guest expert in on this show, which is fortunate as one of the team reveals he’s never seen a film before. Despite this handicap we press on with our review schedule with Graham unearthing the forgotten British TV movie “Miss Morison’s Ghosts”,

Cinema Eclectica 123 – Even David Cronenberg Has His Limits

Above all else, Cinema Eclectica wants to heal your soul. Do you have traumatic memories of Watership Down? Ryan’s review of BFI Flipside’s “The Orchard End Murder” might be able to help. Is your home life confusing? It can’t be as confusing as Vittorio De

Cinema Eclectica 122 – Cinema du Eric Cartman

You know there’s a new Tom Hardy film out when we bring out our silly voices to celebrate. That would be “Dunkirk” – our Film of the Week – and may we suggest some other movies to go with it? We may. After the recommendations,

Cinema Eclectica 121 – Beverley Hills Wicker Man

How scared are you of the internet? Not as scared as you will be after Off the Shelf takes a look at Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s technophobic J-horror classic “Pulse”. Elsewhere, Ryan continues his quest for a good ghost story with “The Entity”, and Graham reviews four

Cinema Eclectica 120 – Spiderman & The Spooky, Spooky House

In a change from the previously scheduled programming, we move from the landscape of a dusty post-apocalyptic horror to the skies above New York with “Spiderman: Homecoming”. Away from all of the web-swinging and wall-crawling though, Rob dives into the magical world of Mamoru Hosoda’s

Cinema Eclectica 118 – Beachy Beachy Fun Times With The Rock

Rob and Graham go head to head after accidentally super-gluing their foreheads together. It’s a two-man show this week that starts with an uncharacteristically adorable preview before normal service resumes in Off the Shelf with the Western “One Eyed Jack’s” from Arrow Academy, the Eastern