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Cinema Eclectica 201 – The Cult of Kim Newman’s Left Hand

While getting the maximum possible out of the name ‘Hermann Kermit Warm’, Tim and Graham head out West for a review of Jacques Audiard’s English-language debut “The Sisters Brothers”, and revive an old Eclectica staple with Question of the Week. While they were watching Joaquin

Cinema Eclectica 200 – Tiny Jack Nicholson In My Pocket

Things have been pretty harmonious in Eclecticaville for … blimey … 200 episodes! Now that we’ve reached such a landmark, we thought it might be nice to risk a ruck for this special edition, and have the team cover each other’s favourite movies, First up,

Cinema Eclectica 198 – Stoner’s Guide to Super-Vacuity

A series of inscrutable clues leads Ryan, Graham, Sarah and Aidan to “Under the Silver Lake”, a film that makes you suspect David Robert Mitchell was definitely one of those kids who played with secret decoder rings as a child. Prepare for disagreements. Off the

Cinema Eclectica 196 – Bathtime for Udo

Last week Rob and Graham received a mystery phone call asking them to review Hideo Nakata’s “Ring”. They’re not dead yet, and although the news that this is a twentieth anniversary reissue is making them feel incredibly old they still have to find out if

Cinema Eclectica 195 – Algebra Lessons with Foxy Brown

It’s the biggest week of the film calendar, so Aidan and Rob fulfill their obligations with a bit of an Oscars chatter before getting to the important matter of being bamboozled by the Film of the Week which, thanks to the Directors Lottery coming up

Cinema Eclectica 194 – Come See The Mastodon Parade!

Eclectica is back with “The Kid Who Would Be King” – the latest film from Joe Cornish, and in a strange turn of events, Graham and Tim’s review features very few references to Adam and Joe. We’re sorry. We’ll try and make up for it

Cinema Eclectica 193 – The John Entwistle of J-Horror

Two beams of refracted “Moonlight”: the Best Picture-winning (eventually) film’s writer Tarell Alvin McRaney has a new film on Netflix, “High Flying Bird”, which Mark takes a look at before Aidan, Tim and Graham check out director Barry Jenkins’s new work “If Beale Street Could