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Cinema Eclectica 118 – Beachy Beachy Fun Times With The Rock

Rob and Graham go head to head after accidentally super-gluing their foreheads together. It’s a two-man show this week that starts with an uncharacteristically adorable preview before normal service resumes in Off the Shelf with the Western “One Eyed Jack’s” from Arrow Academy, the Eastern

Cinema Eclectica 117 – Joe Swanberg’s Lens Cap

After a snap election, Cinema Eclectica agrees not to do any more strained political puns after the introduction. Aside from that there’s some exciting news about future shows tucked away inside Ryan’s preview of “My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea”, and a typically

Cinema Eclectica 116 – Post-Capitalist Sesame Street

We’re no longer waiting for Gadot as Patty Jenkins’ long-awaited “Wonder Woman” is our Film of the Week. Can she save the world, and more importantly, the DC Cinematic Universe? We also have a question of the week about opening titles and a chat about

Cinema Eclectica 115 – Pirates of the Carry On

Witness us! This week our Director’s Lottery came up with Peter Weir’s 1985 thriller “Witness”, with Harrison Ford and a surprise Viggo. There’s also a question about actors who have one good performance in them – and if your first thought was Adam Sandler then

Cinema Eclectica 114 – Cops Vs Goatzilla

Ever had one of those mornings? Anne Hathaway does in our Film or the Week – “Colossal” – when she finds out last night’s drunken bender has somehow destroyed Seoul. There’s plenty of destruction in Off the Shelf with yakuza running amok in Kinji Fukasaku’s

Cinema Eclectica 111 – Getting Sent to ELO Rehab

This week starts with a bit of déjà vu as we discover everyone’s favourite sequels in Question of the Week. After that we dive straight in and say hello to some sailors in “Letter to Brezhnev”, then Aidan reviews the Dickens out of Walter Hill’s

Cinema Eclectica 110 – Herbie’s Bananarama

This week we’re a duo for only the second time ever, but one of us struggles to keep his composure in the latest and sleaziest Question Of The Week. Moving on as seamlessly as possible we look at a trio of movies including the dreamlike