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Cinema Eclectica 148 – Abbott and Costello in Space

Forever the rabble-rousers, that’s us. We’re so bad, we even rebel against ourselves every now and again. We’re such a smart podcast, yes we are, that this episode we say no thanks to our usual conventions and head for the shallow end where our feet

Cinema Eclectica 147 – Jack White’s War Theremin

Which David Lynch film should Tim, Aidan and Graham review this week? A voice from between the worlds calls out ‘Do “Fire Walk With Me”!’ – which is the sort-of prequel to Twin Peaks that received scathing reviews upon its release. Considering that only one

Cinema Eclectica 144 – Breaking your Heart (Pixar Style)

We open this week’s show with one of the most unexpected recommendation sections before throwing ourselves into Pixar’s newest film – “Coco”. We’re not crying as we type this, shut up, you are! *Sniff* Who put all that dust in here? After that eye-watering beginning

Cinema Eclectica 142 – 2017 In Review

It’s time for our review of 2017, and with it comes the usual cliffhanging tension. What will Rob, Graham, Aidan and Ryan pick as their films of the year? What will be the most breathtakingly perverse top ten choices? Whose voice will give out first

Cinema Eclectica 141 – Merry Dick Maas Everybody!

The mince pies have been laid out, the tinsel has been put up, and the Christmas tree – well, let’s not talk about the Christmas tree. It’s Cinema Eclectica’s Christmas Special and we’ve got a festive trio of movies from around the world. From the

Cinema Eclectica 139 – Bright Eyes, Burning like Dracula

Cinema Eclectica is a movie podcast that cares, and this week we care a lot about Christopher Lee’s eyes in “Scars of Dracula”. Do they sting? They look really sore. That’s half of Off the Shelf done, but smashing into it like a telekinetically thrown