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Keyframe 21 – Justice Horizon

This week we discuss the strange situation of a video game failing to meet its crowdfunding target while its anime adaptation succeds, the teaser for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon series, the trailer for the anime series One Punch Man and more. Our

Keyframe 20 – We Could Be Idols Too

This week we discuss the possibility of an emoji animated movie from Sony, the trailer for Disney’s “The Good Dinosaur”, Dena’s purchase of My Anime List and more. Our featured anime is Love Live! School Idol Project. For more reviews and discussions, tune into The

Keyframe 19 – Some Summer Impressions

So we’re a few weeks into the Summer anime season and we thought it was the perfect time to discuss a few of the new shows that we’ve decided to watch. We’ve also got some news and announcements from San Diego Comic-Con, and our featured

Keyframe 18 – It’s Pronounced Roo-Bee

On this week’s episode we discuss the new trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3, Barajoun’s “historical” animated feature, the Peanuts movie, and all sorts of other stuff. Oh, and Ben is just a little bit happy because our featured animation is the first series of

Keyframe 17 – Make Purple, Not War

This week we’re joined by a special guest who educates us on the correct pronunciation of Hunter x Hunter. We also discuss the latest anime bans in China, Hasbro’s new “Head of Storytelling”, the reboot of Ben 10, the “backlash” over the new voice cast

Keyframe 16 – It’s Z’s Fault I Ate A Tree Star

On this episode we find out about Disney’s new Tangled spinoff TV series, Studio Trigger’s sequel OVA to Little Witch Academia. the supposed narcotic qualities of tree stars from The Land Before Time, new animated shows coming to Netflix and more. This week’s featured anime

Keyframe 15 – Water Isn’t Really Blue You Know

On this week’s episode we find out about Disney’s upcoming releases, Pakistan’s first animated superhero movie, Aardman’s new prehistoric “football” film, animation badges for scouts and more. Our featured anime is Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. For more reviews and discussion, tune into The

Keyframe 14 – Everything’s Upside Down

Things get a bit topsy-turvy this week as Ben gets political with My Little Pony, Harry Shearer – the voice of Montgomery Burns and other characters – plans to leave The Simpsons, a proof-of-concept trailer from South Africa’s Blue Forest collective called Kariba looks awesome,

Keyframe 13 – Seriously, Just Look For Them

On this episode we take a look at the proposed new seasons of The Simpsons, Snoop Dogg’s cameo in Sanjay & Craig, the Critic’s Choice animation nominations and more. We also investigate the idea that there are no good cartoons or anime any more. For

Keyframe Episode 12 – Pigs Are Faster Than You Think

On this week’s episode we discuss Friendship is Magic – the new Robot Chicken DC Villains Special, the announcement of a new original Dragon Ball series, the JANICA report on the current status of the industry for animators in Japan, and more. Our featured anime