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Keyframe 55 – The Only Guy In The Village

The live –action adaptations of popular anime continue and next up is Full Metal Alchemist. We also take a look at animated shoot-em-ups, Kung Fu Panda rip-offs and the trailer for the Iranian animated epic The Last Fiction. Our featured anime are A Letter to

Keyframe 54 – Augmented Reality Flatulence

An Egyptian ambassador has blamed the rise of extremism on, amongst other things, Tom & Jerry cartoons. We’re not sure what he’s going to make of Onara Gorou – the Japanese animated short about sentient … gas. Oh, and Eddie Redmayne will star in Aardman’s

Keyframe 53 – Cockney Rabbit Remakes

Big changes are happening in the animation world as NBC Universal buys Dreamworks. We also discuss the remake of Watership Down, a fourth OVA series of Tenchi Muyo and the trailer for The Killing Joke. Our featured anime are Ghost in the Shell: The New

Keyframe 52 – Mecha Van Dyke

Disney make some major announcements this week, and not all of them seem to make sense. We also discuss the trailer for ”Big Fish & Begonia” and the new 3D CG version of Chi’s Sweet Home. Our featured anime are Patlabor: The New Files (OVA

Keyframe 51 – Pikachus In All The Wrong Places

This week we take a look at the trailers for Moom and Kaze no Yoni before diving into Sailor Moon exhibits, Jump Summers with Universal Studios, and some unfortunately placed Pikachus. Our featured anime are Arcana Famiglia and Infinite Stratos Season 2. Tune in to

Keyframe 50 – Kumquats and Con-Sharks

We kick off the show with trailers for Scaȑed Rider Xechs, Berserk, A Silent Voice and Infini-T Force. We also discuss Kadokawa’s purchase of a majority stake in YenPress, The Powerpuff Girls reboot and more. Our featured anime are Amnesia and Kämpfer. Tune in to

Keyframe 49 – Evil Frankie Howard

The big news this week is that Blue Sky Studios are the first to settle a wage-fixing and anti-poaching lawsuit filed against them and several other major animation companies. We also take a look at the teaser for Luger Code 1951 and the trailers for

Keyframe 48 – The Mighty Cake Translator

It’s a trailer-fest this week with Dreamworks’ Voltron: Legendary Defender, Show by Rock season 2, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, D-Gray Man: HALLOW and TWO for Lego Batman. We also discuss the prospect of more FLCL. Otaku A.I.s, and potential waifus for Bojack Horseman. Our

Keyframe 46 – Hajime no Tucky

Tis the season for strange animation tidings as we take a look at the trailers for “Sausage Party” and “Sakamoto desu-ga?”, Paramount say no to The Little Prince’s money and more. Our featured anime are Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, Kill Me Baby and FUSE: Memoirs