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Keyframe 45 – Chairman Meow’s Little Red Bowl

This week we dive right in to a heap of trailers including Ice Age, April and the Extraordinary World, and Rudolph to Ippaiattena. In other news, Kadokawa are planning an 88-stop anime-themed “pilgrimage” for tourists and Oxford University release a Vocaloid textbook (of sorts). Our

Keyframe 44 – The Strange Noises of Douglas Lurpak

So the big news this week is that Inside Out won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars – which surprised nobody. In other, more unorthodox news, Funimation launch a Kickstarter for a new dub of The Vision of Escaflowne, we watch the trailer for Bling

Keyframe 43 – Confusing Pants and Broken Broken-English

This week we kick things off with a look at the trailers for Sing! And Flying Witch, another reboot of Astroboy, Nyanbo’s anime series and more. Our featured cartoon and anime are RWBY Season 2, We Without Wings: Under an Innocent Sky and A Lull

Keyframe 42 – We Need More Serious Bear!

We return once more to the animated world with trailers for Klaus and Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear before heading off into the wild blue yonder aboard Mecha Gromit while OreImo’s Kousaka Kirino tries to encourage young people to vote. True story. Our featured anime

Keyframe 41 – Ken’s Award-Winning Chocolate Volleyballs

It’s awards season so this week we kick things off with the winners of the 43rd Annie Awards. In other news, Korean webcomic Noblesse gets an OVA, self-help author James Altucher thinks animation is easy money and more. Our featured anime are Tokyo Ghoul Season

Keyframe 40 – Trump’s Chocolate Diary

This week we take a look at the trailers for Angry Birds: The Movie and Trolls. We also discuss the live-action version of Seirei no Moribito (Guardian of the Sacred Spirit), the prequel to Barakamon, Isao Takahata declining to join the Academy and more. Our

Keyframe 39 – Sasami-san At The Boundary

The big news this week is that Japanese voice actress Orikasa Fumiko (Bleach, Code Geass, Hellsing, Great Teacher Onizuka), will be a guest at Sunnycon 5 in June 2016. After that it’s business as usual as we discuss the trailers for Dofus: and Long Way

Keyframe 38 – Cats Will Rule The World!

This week we discuss Matt Groening’s new animated Netflix project, the return of Beyblade, the Oscar nominations for animation and more. Our featured anime are Nyan Koi! and World Conquest Zvezda Plot. Tune in to The Geek Show Podcast Network for all the latest news,

Keyframe 37 – Magicians Of Fate

On this episode we discuss animation nominations and winners, Funimation’s new streaming service, female-only otaku cafes and more. Our featured anime are Magi: The Kingdom of Magic and Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. Tune in to The Geek Show Podcast Network for all the latest

Keyframe 36 – It’s All About The Manservice

This week we discuss the trailers for “Storks” and “Kabaneri of the Iron Frotress”, the confirmation of a new series for “D-Gray Man” and “Berserk” gets a new anime series, a life-size (1:1) statue of Lum from Urusei Yatsura and more. And since it’s our