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The Geek Show - S16E05 - We Be Pornobot Hunting

S16E05 – We Be Pornobot Hunting

The mold that just won’t shift of science and technology podcasts returns for another episode, so welcome to the latest edition of The Geek Show! Kicking things off this week is Google’s announcement of their new video games streaming platform called Stadia – which may

Keyframe 141 – Burly Men With Powers

The last decade has seen many changes in mainstream media, but possibly the most surprising has been the massive rise in popularity of superheroes – thanks in no small part to the MCU, the DCEU, and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. What’s interesting though, is that

Cinema Eclectica 198 – Stoner’s Guide to Super-Vacuity

A series of inscrutable clues leads Ryan, Graham, Sarah and Aidan to “Under the Silver Lake”, a film that makes you suspect David Robert Mitchell was definitely one of those kids who played with secret decoder rings as a child. Prepare for disagreements. Off the

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 101 – Everybody Definitely Poobs

The Literary Loitering soap box car speeds its way through the mean streets of cultural anarchy, with Graham, Andrew and Rob riding along on this fun outing. Kicking things off on this week’s tour of cultural anarchy is a CEO’s claim that she had memorised

Keyframe 140 – Let’s Talk About Conventions

One of the highlights of any anime fan’s calendar is the convention, where like-minded people gather together to cosplay, shop, listen to panels, enjoy the atmosphere, and even possibly meet the odd voice actor. They’ve become a staple of anime communities all over the world,

Cinema Eclectica 196 – Bathtime for Udo

Last week Rob and Graham received a mystery phone call asking them to review Hideo Nakata’s “Ring”. They’re not dead yet, and although the news that this is a twentieth anniversary reissue is making them feel incredibly old they still have to find out if

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 24 – Alternate Continuities In Comics

After so many reboots, remakes, rehashes, retries and revamps, how can anyone make sense of superhero comic-book continuity, especially where alternate timelines are concerned. Aside from the parallel worlds and changes to history that become part of that particular “universe”, there are also the special