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Cinema Eclectica 131 – Some of My Best Friends are Baguettes!

This week we ask the question, how French can a cannibal movie be? Fortunately we have Rob’s big bag of national stereotypes to help us work this out, and it’s equally fortuitous that Graham has Indicator’s reissue of Arthur Penn’s star-studded crime thriller “The Chase”,

4-Panel 109 – The Watchmen-Muppet Babies Crossover Mystery

After marvelling (get it?), at the new trailer for The Punisher, it’s time for another Inhumans-watch which leads to the Watchmen TV series and Hollywood’s live-action Akira movie. Our featured comics and manga are The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars volume 1, That Time I

Keyframe 90 – The Worst Kept Secret in Anime

This week we’ve got movies galore with the Mobile Suit Gundam movie trilogy (I, II: Soldiers of Sorrow and III: Encounters in Space – we had to break Mark out of Gundam rehab for them), followed by a special treat called The Boy and The

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 74 – He Who Holds The Most Stickers is King!

We’re back for another romp through the cultured world and this time we bringing steamrollers, computer-written Game of Thrones, the moral impact of kid’s books, and some strange university courses. Our featured book is The Iron Hound (book two of The Hallowed War), by Tim

4-Panel 108 – Dr. Doom’s Exploding Sausage

While we were admiring the new Hellboy, someone decided that Nightwing needed a movie and Marvel introduced a new character called Voyager. Our featured comics are Samurai Slasher: Late Fees, The Unbelievable Gwenpool #20, Thanos #1 to 6 and Secret Empire #10. Tune in to

Keyframe 89 – I’ll Have a Bahamut on Ice

We kick off with our featured anime this week (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis and A Certain Scientific Railgun S), before things degenerate into an impromptu discussion about dubbing, redubbing, and rebooting. All of that leads to a post-show hunt for an All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl with

Cinema Eclectica 130 – The Man With the Three-Bleep Name

This week our Film of the Week is Mel Brooks’s comedy classic “Young Frankenstein”, which leads Aidan and Graham into a dilemma – is it too obvious to recommend people watch James Whale’s “Frankenstein” alongside it? While we ponder that, there’s also a three-film set

4-Panel 107 – Black Bolt has the Best Lines

The ongoing saga about who will direct Suicide Squad 2 continues. Meanwhile, ABC have expressed some concerns about their Inhumans TV series … Oh, and Sheena: Queen of the Jungle is getting another live-action adaptation for some reason. Our featured comics are Serenity: No Power

Keyframe 88 – Popeye Vs. Hulk Hogan

From the artisan breads of Yakitate!! Japan to the spicy dishes of Addicted to Curry, this week we sate our hunger with some mouthwatering anime (and a few manga), about food. Our featured cartoons and anime are Popeye The Sailor Man collection 1 and Food

4-Panel 106 – Merry Batmus To All!

Aside from the fact that Medusa’s hair will only last one episode in the Inhumans TV series, there’s some whitewashing controversy in Hellyboy and Warner Bros. want to make movies about the Joker. Our featured book and comics are Ultimate Marvel, MULP: Sceptre of the