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Keyframe 99 – Scrooge McDuck’s Human Trafficking Operation

Shocking revelations abound this week! First we discover that Batman is actually a ninja in the trailer for the cunningly titled animated film Batman Ninja. After that we’re left positively thunderstruck by Akira Toriyama’s claim that Saiyans need S-cells to become super. All together now

4-Panel 120 – Meaty Slabs of Beef

Mick has gone to more exotic climes so Rob takes the third seat alongside Andrew and Producer Rob for another comics and manga podcast extravaganza. In other news, Marvel are thinking of doing their own story-based podcast, we get our first look at the live-action

The Geek Show - S15E09 - A Red Sock and Two Bills

S15E09 – A Red Sock and Two Bills

The two Robs return for a new episode, and they’re greeted with nuclear lightning, the worst blow science could ever deliver to the London tourism board, an ‘intriguing’ use of 3D printing technology and a film to end all films. What else can we say?

Keyframe 98 – Gundam’s Glorious Jazz Hole

The 26 animated feature films that have been shortlisted for an Oscar nomination have been announced so naturally, we’re going to see what all the fuss is about … Before all of that though, our first order of business is visiting Mark who is currently

4-Panel 119 – So Much Blood

It’s time for another heaped spoonful of comics and manga with Andrew, Rob and Mick. So the big news this week is the release of the first official trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, and the “accidental” (but technically totally on-purpose), racism from Marvel’s new Editor-in-Chief

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 78 – Lie Back and Think of Kierkegaard

Get your ballet dancers and rollercoasters ready because it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and as always the nominations for Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction award deliver. After that exciting opening (pun very much intended), it’s a veritable cavalcade of oddities including

Cinema Eclectica 139 – Bright Eyes, Burning like Dracula

Cinema Eclectica is a movie podcast that cares, and this week we care a lot about Christopher Lee’s eyes in “Scars of Dracula”. Do they sting? They look really sore. That’s half of Off the Shelf done, but smashing into it like a telekinetically thrown

Keyframe 97 – Peter Rabbit’s Death Star Fundraiser

The trailer for Sony’s new Peter Rabbit movie is out so we decide to share our thoughts on it (which aren’t very positive to be honest). Then it’s time to get to business with season 20 of South Park and a Pokémon double-bill of Indigo

4-Panel 118 – Not By The Hair On My CG Lip

Andrew and Mick trade back their new model Rob for the older, more comfortable version this week. The news is cause for some head-scratching as DC’s decide to do a JLA/Doom Patrol crossover with the rather odd title of Milk Wars. Meanwhile, Jude Law may

The Geek Show - S15E08 - Long Live The Termaidenator

S15E08 – Long Live The Termaidenator

It’s the turn of Andy and Rob to take the helm of our flagship podcast and trawl the waters of science, technology and general geekery to find some interesting (if a little “fishy”), pieces of news. This week our two erstwhile “captains” discover a disturbing