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The Geek Show - S15E32 - Damn You, Phone Ghosts

S15E32 – Damn You, Phone Ghosts!

It’s the final episode of 2018 and The Geek Show is going for a well-deserved break from all of the weird science, technology and “other” news that we’ve found this year. Before we head off though, Rob and Producer Rob have the small matter of

Cinema Eclectica 188 – Christmas Special 2018

The fire is lit, the mulled wine has been dished out and the word of the week is ‘picaresque’. It’s an Eclectica Christmas party alright, with Aidan, Sarah, Rob and Graham falling hard for Boots Riley’s debut “Sorry to Bother You”. Granted that’s not very

Cinema Eclectica 187 – An Elvira Approved Podcast

We don’t often get a British film that we can all sink our teeth into here on Cinema Eclectica, so when one finally does appear we tend to subject it to a bit of … erm … mauling. Oh dear. The target of all this

Keyframe 131 – Gangs of Akihabara

So Goku makes an appearance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Is it really big news as some reports suggest, or is it merely another sop to fans? Join the Keyframe gang for an interesting and divisive discussion about very large balloons before they leave

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 15 – The future Of The MCU

With the new year looming and the dust from the fourth Avengers movie (no pun intended there), finally settling and the loss of James Gunn at the helm of Guardians of the Galazy, Andrew, Mick and Producer Rob get together once again to discuss the

Cinema Eclectica 186 – Justified Wrongness On The Internet

We’ve got everything from Jules Verne to Ava DuVernay this week, and Tim, Rob and Graham kick off an unusually packed show with a look at the Selma director’s early film “Middle of Nowhere”. After that it’s Off the Shelf, which is a veritable treasure

The Geek Show - S15E31 - Too Fabulous To Be Human

S15E31 – Too Fabulous To Be Human

The Geek Show rolls back into town for another turn on the “Suck It And See” roller-coaster of science and technology news, and this week it’s Rob who joins Producer Rob for afternoon tea and ridiculousness. So what’s in store this week? Well, Elon Musk

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 96 – Franz Kafka, The Fifth Beatle

The end of the year draws near, and with one episode left before a well deserved break it’s time for those anarchic and rambunctious rapscallions of culture to once again do what they do best, and what better way to kick off the penultimate episode