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4-Panel 10 – Kung Fu Towers & Moon Eyes

This week we’re entertaining guests. Tucky from SunnyCon joins us for the usual shenanigans, and Ryan from Cinema Eclectica gives us the lowdown on the new Daredevil TV series. Our featured comics this week are Future’s End, The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three

S10E14 – SunnyCon 2015 Preview

This week we’re joined by Tucky to talk about SunnyCon – Sunderland’s best anime, manga and Japanese culture convention, and one of the finest (and friendliest), gatherings of geeks and otaku in the UK. There are plenty of things to look forward to this year so

2 Sweet Wrestling 04 – MexiMcMahon

They can’t hurt us anymore! We finally drop TNA in favour of the far superior Lucha Underground (at the very least it’s a trial separation). Join Jay and Rob and guest producer Rob as they run down the week’s action from LU, NXT, Raw and

Bit Panel 09 – The next generation

This week we enjoy our usual mash-up of gaming news, hype and opinions alongside some special guests – Andy and Craig from from Review Simulator We go over some of the rather twisted responses to our question of the week before diving into the trailers

2 Sweet Wrestling 03 – What’s in the Shed!?

This week we get misty-eyed as NXT broadcast the promo to end all promos. Elsewhere on the show we have Cheeseburger and the “best” awful promo of 2015 (so far), and the burning realization that WWE are back to business as usual. Rob and Jay

Bit Panel 08 – CENSORED!

Video game censorship is always a headline-grabbing subject that brings out the more sensational aspects of the medium. With the release of Mortal Kombat X this week and the fact that the franchise is regarded as responsible for the creation of ESRB ratings (while still

Keyframe 09 – An Otaku in Oda Nobunaga’s Court

We get animated this week with news of a TV series dedicated to our favourite character from Attack on Titan – Hange (Hanji) Zoë, anime-based theme park attractions, the ongoing ’60s Batman revival and more. Our featured anime are One Piece Part 9, The Ambition

Cinema Eclectica 14 – Up Your Gory Alley

Confusion is in the air this week on Cinema Eclectica with the announcement of a Play-Doh movie and the existence of the Zombie Chicken sub-basement genre. We  take a look at The Duke of Burgundy, Mark of the Devil and Day of Anger in “Off

S10E13 – Back From The Dead

It’s Easter – which means it’s time to talk about zombies! Well, not really. On this episode we’re actually taking a look at all of those franchises that have been dead or dormant for a while, but were then resurrected, rebooted or re-released and enjoyed

Bit Panel Episode 7 – Die, Die Again, Success!

On this episode we discuss the struggle and the feeling of achievement after overcoming impossible odds. In our feature piece we take a look at challenges and rewards, what difficulty feels justified and what is just a cheap death. In the calm before the storm