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4-Panel 05 – There’s Weirdness Afoot!

On this episode of 4-Panel we take a look at the latest issues of Spider Gwen, Doctor Who, Fables: Happily Ever After, and the first volume of From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori). We also discuss the graphic novels Hellboy: Masks and Monsters, Skin

S10E08 – Partners and Teams

Movies, video games, anime, television – in fact almost every form of entertainment media have at some point featured a partnership or a team of some sort. From Batman and Lethal Weapon to The A-Team and One Piece, having a partner or teaming up with

Cinema Eclectica 08 – We Need More One-armed Push-ups

The peak of the awards season is here and we need more one-armed pushups (Go Jack Palance!).As well talking about the Oscars in our own distinctive way, we take a look at Spring in a Small Town, The Turning, Back to 1942, and Shoah in

Bit Panel 02 – Levelling the Playing Field

Should players be rewarded for higher skill levels, or should everyone play at or around the same level? Join us as we investigate the skill gap between seasoned and new players, and why so many games try to level the playing field in various ways.

Keyframe 04 – This Tastes Like Vinegar

So the Oscars are over – did you agree with the winners in the animation section? This week we’re featuring Toradora (much to Ben’s delight), the slapstick comedy drama series Good Luck Girl (a.k.a. Binbougami-ga!), and Ghost in the Shell: ARISE. Tune in to The

4-Panel 04 – It’s Not Grimm Up North

This week we find out just how weird graphic literature can get with news about the latest Predator crossover. In addition to that we catch up with the latest issues of Batman Eternal, Grimm Tales of Terror, B.P.R.D. – Hell on Earth, Avengers World, M.P.H

S10E07 – Going Viral

On this infectious episode we explore the world of outbreaks, pandemics and the dreaded “man-flu”. Join us as we find out why games are more about survival than finding a cure, how diseases are used in comics, and what actually counts as an outbreak movie.

Bit Panel 01 – Press Start

Someone’s been conducting some weird alchemy at Geek Show Towers again. After stumbling across an ancient recipe involving dance mats, Power Gloves, Virtual Boys and a collection of video games consoles, Dave and Ben decided to drop everything into the cauldron and give it a

4-Panel 03 – Did Someone Say “Chimichanga”?

On this episode we’re neck deep in comics and graphic novels, so join us as we take a look at Batman Eternal, The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, Army of Darkness, Justice League 3000, Witchcraft Works Volume 2, and Ordinary by Rob Williams and

Cinema Eclectica 07 – B-Sides Vol. 1

This week we forcibly ejected 50 Shades of Grey, and instead opted to give the “other guys” a chance. In ‘Off the Shelf’ we looked at Spione, Enemy, Sake Bomb, Shanghai 13 and For Love’s Sake. Our highlights of the week are The Theory of