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4-Panel 08 – Canada Needs Superheroes Too

This week we dive into the latest Deadpool, Sidekick, Sonic Boom, Constantine, Ant-Man, Justice League United, and All New X-Men. Our featured graphic novel is John Mueller’s classic dystopian tale about slavery, oppression, indoctrination, rebellion, revenge, and pig-men – but this time it’s newly repainted, re-edited and

S10E11 – Rose-tinted Glasses

We get nostalgic this week as we look at the world through rose-tinted glasses. Join us as we take a look at good and bad nostalgia, video games that rely on nostalgia, Golden and Silver Age comics, and old versus new animation. Reviews – Final

Bit Panel 05 – The HD Remake of the Remake

In this week’s high definition episode we take a look at the current trend of HD remakes in video games. Is it really necessary to update an old game so it can work better with current technology, or shoudl these titles be left to the

Keyframe 07 – Let’s Go Fishing!

Big-screen, live-action adaptations of cartoons and anime are all the rage these days, with Disney announcing a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, and the last Rouruni Kenshin movie set for theatrical release in the UK. We find out what makes them so lucrative,

Cinema Eclectica 11 – Ladies & Gentleman, Mr Mark Rylance!

This week we give the “Film of the Week” a big old miss, and instead of covering Liam Neeson’s latest outing we take a look at the hordes of action movies that feature “veteran” actors (i.e. pensioners), in their lead roles (a.k.a. Geriaction). We also

4-Panel 07 – She’s Dead Cute

On this week’s show we have a rather eclectic mix of comic-books to go through including Hack/Slash – Nail Biter (and its reverse side Nailbiter – Hack/Slash), DC Comics’ Earth 2, Marvel’s Miracleman, and the rather unusual crossover Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate

S10E10 – On The Road

This week we’re taking a metaphorical road trip because apparently it’s the best way to see what’s out there, find yourself, and generally grow as a person – which is odd since those things can also be achieved by standing still. Join us as we

Bit Panel 04 – It’s Not Supposed To Do That

Someone spilled our jar of glitching powder so this week’s episode features poor collision detection, moving sideways instead of forwards, grammatammatically incorrect dialogue, and a whole bunch of other unintentional wierdness that can be found in video games. Meanwhile Ben shows of his kickflips in OlliOlli

Keyframe 06 – Sequels, Spin-offs & Drool

This week the news was full of sequels, reboots and spin-offs – which made us curious. At what point should you stop milking a franchise, and when should it be laid to rest or just put to one side to remain dormant for a decade

Cinema Eclectica 10 – Barbie With Added Trees

Double figures, Baby! This week we actually have news to work with, which we duly use as an excuse to fly off into glorious tangents. In addition to our flights of fancy we discuss we discuss Life of Riley, The Mill and the Cross, Clown,