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The Geek Show - S14E10 – Super Fun Colonel Sanders Ultimate Maximum Fight Hour

S14E10 – Super Fun Colonel Sanders Ultimate Maximum Fight Hour

This week’s episode may just have the most outtakes in podcast history – and all of the were necessary. Elsewhere within the hallowed halls of The Geek Show we find space travel, virtual reality weddings, the Japanese exploits of Colonel Sanders, internet research techniques and

The Geek Show - S14E09 - Worm on Worm Violence

S14E09 – Worm on Worm Violence

There are an awful lot of see-saw’s this week as we start with a serious discussion (no, really), which gets derailed by a toaster. Things continue from there in a similar fashion with paperclips, robots, torrenting, and the latest exploits from PETA. That’s just how

The Geek Show - S14E08 - Macho, Macho Smithers

S14E08 – Macho, Macho Smithers

We took a week off to move house and get the furniture just the way we like it! Now that everything’s nice and cosy we head straight back to the weirder ends of science and technology news spectrum, and along the way we discover sixth

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S14E07 – All Hail the Great Wiki Overlord

Another week, another episode, and another blast through the oddities of science and technology. This time we’ve got trips to the moon, Wikipedia bots, prank shows, the efforts of certain companies to keep their expansions moving, and slightly mad scientists. Tune in to The Geek

The Geek Show - S14E06 - Weaponised Pandas

S14E06 – Weaponised Pandas

We’re back for more wacky news from the realms of science, technology and beyond. This week we tackle panda libidos, super villain bases, smell wheels and a certain hip-hop star’s exploits in technology. Check in for all those and the usual mixing board of madness.

The Geek Show - S14E05 - Bouncy Bouncy Fun Time

S14E05 – Bouncy Bouncy Fun Time

If a picture painted a thousand words, this one would still lose all the sand. Join us as we talk about mobile technology, eye contact etiquette and the worst reality TV show in town. All this and more as we dive headfirst into the world

The Geek Show - S14E04 - Not That Kind of Jellied Eel Twix

S14E04 – Not That Kind of Jellied Eel Twix

A.K.A. the podcast with hundreds of titles A.K.A. the episode that broke all of its hosts. Yes, join us for another blast of science, technology, and just plain weird news, and this week we have a rather special show in store. Tune in and let

The Geek Show - S14E03 - The Golden Godzilla Dilemma

S14E03 – The Golden Godzilla Dilemma

Sneaking into the background of this week’s show we have podcast’s first baby (that might not be right but we’re going to run with it anyway). We also discuss slippers, terrible fish habits, stupid science and glorious golden icons that we’ll never be able to

The Geek Show - S14E02 - Gangs of the Hundred Acre Wood

S14E02 – Gangs of the Hundred Acre Woods

Join us as we head into the weirder sections of science and technology once again. In this week’s slightly mad trip we discover the dark underbelly of squirrel society, Japanese toilets, and the questionable side of modern food consumption … and sexy Steve Buscemi. Go

The Geek Show - S14E01 - Elmo's Videodrome Nightmare

S14E01 – Elmo’s Videodrome Nightmare

2017 is here, and we mark our return with a long-absent, but much requested form. Join us as we look at the latest happenings in the weird and wonderful worlds of technology, science and geek culture – and then completely fail to take any of