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The Geek Show - Press X for EGX 2016 Special Part 1

#6 – Press X for EGX 2016 Special Part 1

We’ve been absent for a while but fear not, as we return bearing gifts (amazing ones too). It’s the first part of our EGX 2016 Special, and besides discussing the event itself we also have interviews with the wonderful people from Lince Works, Laser Dog,

S13E06 - You Can't Hurt Me! I Have a Forcefield!

S13E06 – You Cant Hurt Me! I Have a Forcefield!

Things get a little complicated this week as we look both backwards and forwards at the same time (or in other words – prequels). Sometimes these can be a source of great frustration and, quite shockingly, sometimes they can actually be good. We also ask

The Geek Show - S13E05 - Japanese Robocop is a Douche

S13E05 – Japanese Robocop is a Douche

Don’t worry because the Judderman won’t get you, but Japanese Robocop might. This week we look at the murky world of advertising – from product placement and celebrity endorsement to the more entertaining side that can sometimes be better than real TV shows. Tune in

The Geek Show - S13E04 - King of the Rainbow Sasquatches

S13E04 – King of the Rainbow Sasquatches

We’ve all seen or read superhero comics or movies where the characters have wildly destructive powers that help them in their day job of saving the world. But when they’re at home, super strength, flight and being able to find a needle in a haystack

The Geek Show - S13E03 - We Forgot The Great Escape

S13E03 – We Forgot The Great Escape

Apologies about the break, we’ve been moving offices. For our return episode we continue our “Defend Your Choice” series with a look at escapes of all types (prisons, islands, zombie apocalypses or your own sense of being – okay, maybe not the last one since

The Geek Show - S13E02 - Glam Max Vs. Brum Corleone

S13E02 – Glam Max Vs. Brum Corleone

This week we launch a brand new structure (you’ll hear more about that on the show). It’s time to get into another episode of Defend your Choice, and this time it’s fictional vehicles. Things get surreal, childhood favourites are destroyed and confusion reigns over one

The Geek Show - S13E01 - Sunnycon 2016 Special

S13E01 – Sunnycon Special 2016

We return with our 13th series, hurrah! Before we get into some pretty amazing changes, we have a convention special for you lovely lot. We head up to Newcastle to see long time friends Sunnycon, listen in as we discuss the event, its successes and

The Geek Show - S12E18 - Proletariat Eyebrow

S12E18 – Proletariat Eyebrow

This week we talk about the many, many faces of sport, and along the way we talk about the issue with ‘sportsball’, motorsports, the esports identity crisis, extreme sports and a whole lot more. Sports, sports everywhere and not a drop to drink. Reviews –

The Geek Show - S12E17 - Machiavellian Licks

S12E17 – Machiavellian Licks

After one of the weirdest news sections in a good long while, we dive into the latest episode of defend your choices. This time out we look at our favourite villains. Along the way we look titles as diverse as Silent Hill, Cowboy Bebop and

The Geek Show - S12E16 – Hardly Working

S12E16 – Hardly Working

This week we decided to take a break by the watercooler and chat about the 9-5 working day. While thoroughly slacking off we discuss – well Rob does – whether fishing is a job, RPGs and the sort of simulations that made the 1990s one