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S10E14 – SunnyCon 2015 Preview

This week we’re joined by Tucky to talk about SunnyCon – Sunderland’s best anime, manga and Japanese culture convention, and one of the finest (and friendliest), gatherings of geeks and otaku in the UK. There are plenty of things to look forward to this year so

S10E13 – Back From The Dead

It’s Easter – which means it’s time to talk about zombies! Well, not really. On this episode we’re actually taking a look at all of those franchises that have been dead or dormant for a while, but were then resurrected, rebooted or re-released and enjoyed

S10E12 – Heists and Plans

It’s all about heists and plans this week, so while you watch the dancing Ben we’re going to steal your attention. You can listen to us on the go by downloading the MixCloud app (which is free), for Android and iOS. This week’s news has

S10E11 – Rose-tinted Glasses

We get nostalgic this week as we look at the world through rose-tinted glasses. Join us as we take a look at good and bad nostalgia, video games that rely on nostalgia, Golden and Silver Age comics, and old versus new animation. Reviews – Final

S10E10 – On The Road

This week we’re taking a metaphorical road trip because apparently it’s the best way to see what’s out there, find yourself, and generally grow as a person – which is odd since those things can also be achieved by standing still. Join us as we

S10E09 – So You Want To Be A Hero

What does it take to be a hero? Do you have to be the last member of a dead alien race, be bitten by a radioactive/genetically engineered insect, exposed to a specific type of radiation or given a special serum? Is it something that you

S10E08 – Partners and Teams

Movies, video games, anime, television – in fact almost every form of entertainment media have at some point featured a partnership or a team of some sort. From Batman and Lethal Weapon to The A-Team and One Piece, having a partner or teaming up with

S10E07 – Going Viral

On this infectious episode we explore the world of outbreaks, pandemics and the dreaded “man-flu”. Join us as we find out why games are more about survival than finding a cure, how diseases are used in comics, and what actually counts as an outbreak movie.

S10E06 – Skin Deep

This year we manage continue our annual tradition of avoiding a direct show about Valentine’s Day by taking a look at this mysterious thing called beauty. What makes a movie, animation or game beautiful? Is it the looks? The camera work? The characters? Join us

S10E05 – Disaster!

On this week’s episode we trip over our own feet and crash into each other as we fall  headlong into earthquakes, tornadoes, nuclear blasts, attacks by killer jellybeans and more. Join us as we find out more about disasters. Reviews – Saga Volume 3 (Graphic