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S10E04 – Fandom Impact

On this week’s episode we take a look at the unusual relationship between the fans and the creators of games, movies, anime and more. During the original broadcast of this episode it was announced by Rooster Teeth Productions that creator and animator Monty Oum –

S10E03 – That Was Intense Dude

This week our cadre of would-be adrenalin-junkies take an intensely intense journey into the realms of intesnity, and along the way we find out why our seats have edges. Reviews – Arcana Hearts 3: Love Max! (PS3), Space Dandy, Vinland Saga volume 4 (Manga). You

S10E02 – The Comfort Zone

On this episode we don our stretchy pants and activate our reclining massage chairs. Join us as we get comfortable and relax. Reviews – Saints Row 4: Re-elected and Gat Out of Hell (PS4) You can listen to us on the go by downloading the

S10E01 – Best of 2014

Happy New Year! We’re back and this time we’ve moved out of the secret lair and taken up residence in Geek Show Towers – we even have fixtures that are permanent! This week we’re keeping things simple, and taking a look at the best, and