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S11E23 – The Christmas Adventure: Santa’s Revengening

A belated Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. To mark the occasion we return to our Grand Adventure where chaos resumes as our intrepid villains try their hardest to escape the clutches of Mr Kringle. Highlights include the communist manifesto, charming genitals and

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S11E22 – Buena Onda

On this episode we explore Central and South America from the comfort of our armchairs using a variety of media – which means we are now officially experts and do not need to go to either region to check our knowledge or even reference information

S11E21 – My, What A Big Apple You Have!

This week we venture into the orchard to find out why The Big Apple is so very, very … big. With a cast of oranges, bananas, plums and pears, join us as we discover the wonders of New York. Reviews – Minecraft: Story Mode (PS4)

S11E20 – The Big Smokey Wen

After a recent invasion of jellied eels and bowler hats we got the hint, so this week’s episode is all about London. Reviews – Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition (PS4), Rodea: The Sky Soldier (3DS) [No chimneysweeps, street urchins, royalty (pearly or otherwise), beefeaters, guards

S11E19 – Food, Glorious Food!

Hot sausage and mustard! It’s that time of year again, so join us as we stuff our faces with all manner of tasty treats and sample the many, many delicious morsels in movies, video games, anime and more. Reviews – Coppelion, Now That’s What I

S11E18 – Where Have All The Vikings Gone?

Throughout the entertainment industries there are certain periods of history that reign supreme – World War 1 and 2, the Victorian era, Ancient Rome and Greece, Medieval Europe/Japan/China, the Dark Ages, etc. But those only cover a small portion of human history so the suggestion

S11E17 – Rebels Without A Clue

It’s Bonfire Night, and so we remember the 5th of November with a show about rebellion – but since we’re a pretty aimless bunch we’re not really sure what we’re actually fighting for, or even who the enemy is. This may just end up with

S11E16 – The Geek Show’s Grand Halloween Adventure

It’s Halloween, And all through the house, Lots of creatures were stirring, Because the world was coming to an end. In the midst of all the chaos, four “intrepid heroes” – and we use the term very loosely – begin their journey to survive the

S11E15 – Old Tricks, New Dog

It’s spooky-time at Geek Show Towers as we put the new forms of horror on our dissecting table to find out how the genre has not only stayed relevant, but continues to challenge perceptions using its old bag of tricks. Reviews – Broken Sword: The

S11E14 – Imbibe With Me

This week we get a little tipsy as we dive into the world of alcohol and other helpful potions that make the world a better, and sometimes worse place. Join us for an episode of drinking, and we may treat you to fighting and wenching