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S11E03 – Creating Worlds

Every story has to happen somewhere, but that place doesn’t really have any fixed dimensions so it can often be quite a small space – life an office or a car. Welcome to the narrative universe where we find out more about worldbuilding. Reviews –

S11E02 – Teaching and Learning

On this week’s episode we try to find out more about how things are taught and learned, and who actually bothers following tutorials anyway? Reviews – Disgaea Triple Play (3, 4 & D2 – PS3), LEGO: Jurassic World (PS4), Ronin (PC). This week’s news had

S11E01 – SunnyCon 2015 Special

We finally hit our 11th series, and what better way to kick things off than with a special for one of our favourite conventions – SunnyCon. This year saw no small amount of trials, tribulations, cancellations, and the ever-present forces of nature, but even amongst