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The Geek Show - S12E08 – Defend Your Really Powerful Granny

S12E08 – Defend Your Really Powerful Granny!

This week we venture into uncharted territory and pit our favourites against each other in a brand new format we’re calling “The Versus”, and for our inaugural face-off what better place to start than RPG’s. Reviews – Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo, Lego: Marvel’s

S12E07 – The Cupboard of Shame

This week we decided to return to the hallowed ground that is guilty pleasures, so prepare for some dirty laundry that hasn’t seen light of day without needing Doctor Who levels of distraction to escape. Along the way we also discover that kid’s horror is

S12E06 – Time For Some Navel Action?

This week we head to the high seas with a Yar-Har and Fiddle-dee-dee. It’s time dress flamboyantly and drink lots of grog as we get down and dirty with pirates. Reviews – Vinland Saga volume 7, Legend of Legacy (3DS), Earth Defence Force 2 (PS

S12E05 – Space Rats Take ‘Roids

This week we dive into the past to uncover our childhood favourites. Along the way we talk about the classics and things lost in the mists of time, and from there we make some startling discoveries about our younger days. Well … Rob does. Reviews

S12E04 – Make It Up As We Go Along

This week we take a look at fictional sports and games – and believe us when we tell you there are a lot! Whether it’s from the imagination of Red Dwarf, The Simpsons, Terry Pratchett or Star Trek – everything else is Fizzbin. Reviews: This

S12E03 – The Hobos of the Universe

This week we head back into space to find a job, get a house, and generally experience what life is like out there. Unfortunately this results in a bit of a nerd-off. Reviews – Yu-Gi-Oh! season 3 and Atelier Escha & Logy Plus (PS Vita).

The Geeik Show - S12E02 - Saturday Morning Hand Puppets

S12E02 – Saturday Morning Hand Puppets

This week with all the awards chatter we decided to look at those who don’t quite get the recognition they deserve. With a full cast of Hand Puppets, Gunge, comedy double acts and more, join us as appreciate the under-appreciated. Reviews – Naruto the Last

S12E01 – Room 101 2015 Edition

We’re back for 2016 and instead of looking back at the light and positive moments of the previous 12 months, we rant and rave about the very worst 2015 had to offer alongside our special guest presenter Michael “Tucky” Tuckwell from Sunnycon. With cats, spoilers,