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S08E24 – E3 2014 Special

The Electronic Entertainment Expo rolls around again, but there was surprisingly little in the way of handbags at dawn between Microsoft and Sony. Meanwhile, Nintendo were off in a corner doing strange, mad things with their presentation. Let us know what you thought of E3 in

S08E23 – Locked Up

This week we head straight to jail without passing “GO” in order to find out more about prison and imprisonment in a variety of forms (many of which don’t use cells, bars, guards or wardens), and how they are used in entertainment media. Join us as

S08E22 – Adaptations Revisited

There are a lot of adaptations going around these days, and with so many books, comics, movies, animations and other things being converted into a different medium we have to wonder where it’s all going to end. Join us as we head back into the

S08E21 – We Are The Knights Who Say …

On this week’s episode we go back to a time when women swooned because their bodices were too tight and men swooned from the weight of all the armour. Join us as we get medieval. Reviews – Highschool Dxd, Goat Simulator and Mugen Souls Z This week’s news

S08E20 – Technology & The Internet

Technology and the internet have gifted the world with many incredible things (and cats), but given our increasing basic knowledge about how everything works, why does the entertainment industry sometimes get things horribly wrong ? Join us as we find out why Transcendence, what’s with all

S08E19 – Sports Day

This week we decided to revisit the topic that for generations has been an anathema to geeks everywhere – sport. Join us as we work up a sweat finding out about sports movies, e-gamers, why sports cartoons and comics aren’t popular in the West, and

S08E18 – Bad Science

On this week’s episode we look the the impact of poorly researched or made-up science in movies, discuss why video game physics can go wrong, and find out what would really happen to the pilot of a giant robot/mech. Reviews – Fate/Zero, Ikki Tousen: Great

S08E17 – Fish Out of Water

On this week’s episode we take a look at “fish-out-of-water”, so join us as we find out why it’s such an story type, why comics use it in a different way to other media, and why certain games don’t fit into particular genres. Reviews –

S08E16 – Directing Art

This week we decided to take a look at art direction, but first we need to find out what it actually is before we can work out why it’s important and how it affects every visual entertainment medium. Reviews – The Wolf Among Us Episode

S08E15 – The End

This week we skip to the last page of the story, so join us as we find out more about multiple endings, post-credit stings, final bosses, and endless superhero tales. Reviews – Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Part 2, Lego: The Hobbit, Dynasty Warriors 8: